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Honda? In this start guide you will find everything about parts, tuning and maintenance

As a Honda driver you want the best for your car. A Honda is one of the most reliable cars. Especially if you use good parts and maintain it regularly. Of course you want to enjoy your Honda as long as possible. Fortunately, there are many parts available.

Honda love

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Genuine Honda parts last a long time. They generally have a slightly higher price tag, if you compare them with other car brands, but they are definitely worth it. In addition, there are also all kinds of different aftermarket parts available, both stock and performance parts. This gives you the choice to make your Honda even better than it already is.

Proper maintenance is important to keep your Honda in top condition. As a specialist in supplying Honda parts, we at AKR Performance know exactly what your car needs. Experienced mechanics are ready in our workshop to assemble all parts on your Honda.

Would you rather do this yourself? No problem, in our webshop you will find all the necessary materials for the maintenance of your Honda.

Where do you start if you want to improve your Honda?

Hondas are popular tuning projects. There is an alternative or improved part for almost every part of your car. If you just bought a Honda, all this information can be overwhelming. Where do you start?

Broadly speaking, most Honda enthusiasts get started with the following parts:

In this extensive blog we list all the options for you. You can choose original, aftermarket or performance for almost every part of your car. The choice is yours. Customize your Honda completely to your taste, we have the parts.

Disclaimer: Modifications to your car may mean that it no longer meets the requirements set by your country. Therefore, always check the requirements your car must meet.


Improve handling and braking

Honda brakes

The brakes are the most important parts of your car. Still, the original brakes are not good enough for many Honda riders. Good brakes are not only for the safety of yourself and others, they also give you more driving pleasure. If you have a sporty driving style, it is great if your car reacts immediately as soon as you touch the brake pedal. But even on holiday in the mountains you always want to be able to rely on your brakes.

Do you want to get more power out of your Honda? Then adjusting your brakes is step 1. More power is nice, but you want to be able to stop your car in time under all circumstances.

Depending on your wishes, there is a wide choice of Honda brakes. Do you combine stock brake discs with better brake pads, or do you immediately opt for drilled brake discs? If you want to go one step further, there is the big brake kit.

It all depends on how you use your Honda and how much power you have. Do you only commute to work or do you also want to hit the track with your own car? Good brakes are indispensable during a track day. Fortunately, these are also fine to use on the normal road.


Steel brake lines for your Honda

A firm-feeling brake pedal gives a certain feeling. The stock brake lines can give your pedal a 'spongy' feel. This makes it more difficult to feel what your brakes are doing, especially on older Hondas. The stock brake lines expand slightly when they are put under pressure. This is not a problem with steel brake lines.

Steel brake lines give you an optimal pedal feel. You get a much more direct feel with your brakes, it becomes easier to dose your brakes and you can brake harder than with the stock brake lines. Combine these brake lines with good brake fluid and the brakes under your Honda are of better quality immediately.

At AKR Performance you will find brake lines from the following brands:

  • US Racing
  • Ashuki
  • Honda
  • Goodridge
  • Stoptech


View all brake lines for your Honda


Better brake pads for your Honda

Better brake pads are always a must for your Honda. Whether you drive on the normal road, or also like to go on the track. At AKR Performance you will find all kinds of brake pads for your Honda. There are blocks that are especially suitable for track days, but also brake blocks that perform better under all kinds of conditions.

Ferodo brake pads DS2500

With Ferodo DS2500 brake pads, for example, you don't have to worry that these sporty pads won't do well on the normal road. They do not need to be warmed up first, which means they perform well at both low and high temperatures. They are friendly to your brake discs and do not leave an aggressive layer of brake dust on your rims. So you have good brake pads that suit sporty street use and also provide excellent performance during a day at the track.


At AKR Performance you will always find brake pads that suit your driving style. We have a large stock of different types and brands of Honda brake pads:

  • Brakemax
  • Ferodo
  • Ashuki
  • EBC
  • Stoptech
  • JBT
  • Posi Quiet 

View all Honda brake pads


Better brake discs for your Honda

The combination of better brake pads and brake discs significantly improves your braking system. But which brake discs should you choose? There are discs with grooves and holes, both allow for better cooling of the brakes and the evacuation of brake dust. The requirements you place on your brake discs are of course very personal. If you go for a better appearance, there is a good chance that you will opt for drilled brake discs. The fanatic track drivers often opt for the grooved variant.

Drilled brake discs Brakemax

In the AKR Performance webshop you will find all kinds of different types of brake discs for your Honda:

  • Brakemax
  • Ashuki
  • Stoptech
  • EBC
  • Centric Parts
  • JBT
  • Brakestop

View all Honda brake discs


Big brake kit on your Honda

Do you ask a lot from your brakes, or do you want to put a lot of power in your Honda? Then a big brake kit is not an unnecessary luxury. A big brake kit is a complete brake set, which is usually used for the front brakes of your Honda.

A big brake kit includes:

  • Calipers
  • Brake pads
  • Brake discs
  • All the necessary mounting material
  • Stainless steel brake lines (with some brands)


If you put a big brake kit on your Honda, you have a balanced set of brakes. Of course it is smart to also adjust your rear brakes to this upgrade, so that your Honda remains in balance.

The size of brake discs with a big brake kit are a few sizes larger than your stock discs. The brake calipers are also a size larger, often equipped with several brake pistons. Opt for a bold color caliper to show everyone that you take your brakes seriously, or opt for subtle black calipers with your Honda big brake kit.

Big brake kits include the brands:

  • Wilwood
  • Stoptech
  • JBT
  • EBC

View all Honda Big brake kits



Improve your Honda's handling

After improving your brakes, it's the chassis' turn. This is step 2 if you want more power in your Honda. Better roadholding is not just for safety. You also ensure that you can lose the power on the road, because you get more grip.

Better road holding is also nice if your Honda is stock. Lowering your car gives a sporty appearance. In addition, you can improve the roadholding and handling of your Honda in many ways. This way you can customize it completely to how you want your car to behave on the road.

Almost every part of your chassis can be modified and improved. This allows you, for example, to get the camber and tracking exactly the way you want it.

More grip? Faster response to steering movements? You achieve all this by tackling the handling of your Honda.


Lower your Honda

Lowering your Honda can be tackled in several steps. Using only lowering springs you can lower your car up to 4 centimeters with the stock shock absorbers. Because your Honda is lower to the ground, road holding will improve.

The Energy Suspension rubbers give you even more control over how the chassis of your Honda feels. Replace the stock rubbers with the black or red Energy Suspension rubbers for a tighter feel.

Do you want to lower and adjust your Honda completely to your taste? With a coilover kit you can set it exactly the way you want it. A coilover kit is infinitely adjustable and often also has various other functions that can be adjusted, such as the hardness of the dampers and the rebound.

There are all kinds of shock absorbers, lowering springs, coilovers kits and struts tower bars available for your Honda, including the following brands:

  • US Racing 
  • Blox Racing
  • Koni
  • D2
  • Honda
  • Ashuki
  • Monroe
  • Skunk2
  • Energy Suspension
  • Prothane

View all Honda lowering springs, shock absorbers and accessories

Or would you rather have a complete Honda coilover kit?


Honda strutbars

Suspension strutbars are popular parts at the Honda tuner. Not only do they look great under your hood, in your trunk and under your car, you make your chassis a lot tighter with them. Braces also give more strength to the chassis of your Honda. This gives you better road holding, more grip and you increase the performance.

Strutbars and braces come in all shapes and sizes. For the drag racers who want more stability and grip, there is the traction bar. At AKR you will find an extensive range of strutbars and braces for your Honda.

We supply the following brands, among others:

  • DC Sports
  • Beaks
  • SRR
  • Alutec
  • US Racing 
  • Skunk2
  • Summit
  • Password:JDM
  • Innovative Mounts
  • PLM
  • Ultra Racing

View all Honda strut bars and braces 


Honda stabilizer bar

A stabilizer bar may not look that spectacular, but it does give a huge improvement to the handling of your Honda. Some, somewhat sportier Hondas, come from the factory with a front and/or rear stabilizer bar. You often see this standard with the Type R models. The curved bar connects the chassis to the front or rear wheels, creating a sturdy whole and your Honda will lean much less when cornering.

It is difficult to explain exactly what a stabilizer bar does. You just have to feel that. We are sure that you will never want to be without it and that every bend will put a big smile on your face.

Honda stabilizer bars and the parts for this are available from the following brands, among others:

  • BLOX Racing
  • Honda
  • Ashuki
  • MOOG
  • Energy Suspension
  • Beck / Arnley
  • Mevotech
  • Password:JDM
  • ST Suspension
  • Ultra Racing

View all Honda stabilizer bars



Performance Tuning

Honda air intake

An air intake is one of the first tuning parts that many Honda drivers purchase. This tube with filter gives you more horsepower than just a replacement filter and is easier to assemble than a complete cold air intake. Your engine will make a slightly sportier sound, especially in the Vtec area.

Because your engine gets more air, the computer will, within margins, add extra fuel. This gives you a few extra horsepower with an air intake. Certainly if you continue to tune your Honda engine, the supply of sufficient air is important.

With an air intake, the filter is still under the hood, here the air is heated by the engine. A cold air intake has a longer intake pipe, so that the filter is mounted in your front bumper. Cold wind is immediately drawn in here, which provides extra horsepower.

Most air filters come with an aluminum tube, which may or may not be painted in one color. Do you want something different? Then choose a carbon or kevlar air intake: a real eye-catcher under your hood.

Of course, the air supply of your Honda engine does not stop at the air intake. Before the air is in your engine, it will also have to go through your throttle and intake manifold. Performance parts are of course also available for this. The better all tuning parts on your Honda are attuned to each other, the better it will drive and the more horsepower you will have.

View all air intake system parts for your Honda


Improve Honda exhaust

May your Honda make a sporty sound? You achieve this by putting a sporty sounding exhaust on your car. The exhaust under your Honda consists of several parts. Replacing your muffler will make your Honda sound sportier, but you will not gain any horsepower. The mid pipe or intermediate pipe is located in front of the muffler. This can easily be replaced by a stainless steel version with a thicker diameter.

These two parts are also sold as a package under the name cat-back system. With this you have a sleek, well-coordinated whole.

The catalytic converter is located in front of these exhaust parts. A lot of your assets are being squeezed here. The catalytic converter can be replaced with a straight pipe, a cat replacement or a sports catalytic converter. Many Hondas no longer pass the MOT with a straight pipe or cat replacement. In a sports catalytic converter there are still cells that filter the exhaust gases, but here too it sometimes becomes more difficult with the MOT. Keep this in mind.

The last exhaust part for your engine is the exhaust manifold. A tube emerges from each cylinder. These come together and move on to the catalytic converter. There is also more to be gained here. Your standard exhaust manifold can be replaced by a performance header. These are available in different models. For example, there is a 4-2-1 or a 4-1 model. At the 4-2-1 header, the four tubes run from the cylinders to 2 tubes and later to 1 tube. This model especially gives more power at low revs. The 4-1 model goes from 4 tubes directly into 1 tube. This gives extra power especially at high revs and is therefore a good choice with a supercharger or highly tuned Honda that you like to drive at high revs.

Being able to quickly evacuate the exhaust gases makes it easier for your engine to run smoothly and deliver more power. An exhaust can reach high temperatures. You don't want your engine to be heated up unnecessarily by your exhaust. That is why special insulation materials are available to protect your engine against the heat of the exhaust. This is especially recommended if you want to drive on the track or if you just always have a sporty driving style.

There are a huge number of performance brands that supply exhaust systems for Hondas.

Our range includes the following brands:

  • SRS
  • Qsp
  • US Racing
  • Tanabe
  • Honda
  • PLM
  • Scorpion
  • DC Sports
  • Skunk2
  • Invidia
  • Buddyclub
  • Dorman
  • Cometic
  • DNJ
  • Injen Technology
  • Apexi
  • AEM
  • K-Tuned

View all Honda exhaust systems


Honda engine tuning

The Honda engine is one of the most fun engines to tune. As standard from the factory, these engines often deliver more than the standard engines of other car brands. They drive spicy and some can already reach quite high revs as standard, just think of the Type R models. A Honda engine with Vtec/VTI is of course a feast.

This has not gone unnoticed in the tuning world. Honda engines are popular tuning projects for which there are plenty of engine parts available.

The Honda engine is one of the most fun engines to tune. As standard from the factory, these engines often deliver more than the standard engines of other car brands. They drive spicy and some can already reach quite high revs as standard, just think of the Type R models. A Honda engine with Vtec/VTI is of course absolutely awesome.

This has not gone unnoticed in the tuning world. Honda engines are popular tuning projects for which there are plenty of engine parts available.

You can go as crazy as you want. Depending on your wishes, you put together the perfect set-up. Of course the goal is important. You will tune or build a drag race engine differently than an engine you want to use on the road and occasionally on the track. So think carefully about what you ultimately want to achieve. You don't have to do this all at once, but with your goal in mind, at least buy parts that fit. You avoid putting parts on your car now that will no longer be of use to you later. That is of course a waste of your money.

You can carefully start your tuning adventure by first equipping your Honda with an exhaust system and air intake. There is a good chance that it will continue to itch and you would like more power. After improving your brakes and suspension, you can go one step further.


Honda turbo or supercharger?

If you are serious about tuning your Honda engine, it is smart to make a choice quickly:

Do you want to keep driving N/A (Normally Aspirated)? This means that the engine uses air that is drawn in at atmospheric pressure.

Or do you want to boost your Honda engine with a turbo or supercharger.

What you choose is mainly taste. Some Honda enthusiasts swear by N/A, because it preserves the standard character of the engine. Others are big fans of a turbo or supercharger. Even with a supercharger, the character of the Honda engine is preserved, including Vtec, only it becomes faster over the entire rev range.

With a turbo you get a completely different character. Depending on the size of the chosen turbo, you will get a lot of power at low revs, which sags a bit at higher revs. While with a large turbo you have to wait until the horsepower suddenly bursts at higher revs.

Here too, look at how you use your car. Do you mainly drive on the highway and don't want to downshift every time to use your power? Then you do not want a very large turbo, where you only have plenty of power at high revs. If you use your Honda for drag racing, it becomes a different story. On the 200 or 400 meters you only use those high revs. Then you want all your assets to be found there.


Honda engine swap

When you bought your Honda, you may not have known what is possible. In the meantime, you are completely infected by the tuning virus and you also want to get more power out of your Honda. Only the engine you have now is less suitable for this. You can put a lot of money into this, but there is a good chance that you will not achieve what you actually want.

A good base is important. So choose the engine that suits your needs. We are happy to perform a Honda engine swap in our workshop. Replace your 1.5 with a 1.6 VTI or maybe even a 1.8 or K20 engine. With a motor swap you have the right foundation to build on.

Would you like to perform an engine swap on your Honda yourself? With the right parts you will have installed your new engine in no time, because when swapping your engine you will inevitably run into parts that do not fit. The engine that you want in it probably does not belong in this model as standard. You can tailor the parts that don't fit, but it could be easier. Various tuning brands make parts to make swapping your engine easier, such as: engine mounts, gearbox mounts, drive shafts, air intakes, wiring harnesses and manifolds.

Of course you want your engine swap to be securely and neatly attached. That is why we only supply high-quality and well-known brands:

  • Innovative Mounts
  • Hasport
  • Ashuki
  • Boomslang
  • PLM
  • K-tuned
  • Rywire
  • Insane shafts
  • Mishimoto

View all swap parts for your Honda


Honda engine parts and internals

A Honda guarantees years of driving pleasure. Over the years, certain engine parts will wear out. No need to panic, these parts can simply be replaced. Is your Honda really starting to use a lot of oil? Replace the worn-out engine parts and your engine can last for years.

Do you want to get some extra power out of your engine, without rebuilding it from scratch? This can be done by replacing the camshafts with a sportier version. Here too you can decide for yourself how far you go. Various stages are available. Please note that when mounting some camshafts, more adjustments are needed, such as valves, valve springs, fuel pressure regulator, larger injectors, Vtec controller and ECU tuning to set the whole properly and safely.

A standard Honda engine can be boosted considerably, while retaining the well-known Honda reliability. Of course it is important that high quality parts are used and that they are installed professionally. Even a Honda engine with a turbo or supercharger can handle quite a bit of boost as standard.

Still, there comes a point when you go over the safe margin and you need to make your engine’s internals stronger. Think of better pistons, connecting rods, valves and valve springs that can handle the high power. Keep your engine in top condition with the right engine parts and you can enjoy your horsepower with confidence.

As a specialist in supplying Honda parts, we understand that you only want the best for your Honda engine.

That is why we only supply the best and most reliable brands, such as:

  • AEM
  • Edelbrock
  • ARP
  • Blox Racing
  • Skunk2
  • Hasport
  • Honda
  • Mügen
  • Moroso
  • Toda Racing
  • Findanza

View all Honda engine parts


Honda ignition

Good spark plugs and spark plug wires are indispensable to keep your engine running smoothly and to get all the power out of your engine. The stock Honda ignition is already of high quality, but if you are serious about tuning, you will also want to upgrade your ignition system. A heavier coil, thicker spark plug wires, it all helps to get more power from your Honda engine.

When you get started with tuning, you can't ignore MSD, one of the best-known names in the tuning world when it comes to ignition systems. MSD even manages to get more out of a Honda ignition. The more power you are going to get from your Honda, the more important a good ignition becomes. You will certainly notice, the chance of irregular running and loss of power is much smaller with a good ignition.

View all parts for your Honda ignition system


Honda chip tuning

Your Honda has been given a certain setting in the ECU from the factory. There is some margin in this, but if you are going to tune really hard, it is also necessary to adjust the ECU of your Honda to your new performance parts. Chip tuning is a well-known term in the tuning world. There are ready-made chips, tailored to a certain 'tuning stage', but there are also special ECUs available that you can adjust yourself with your laptop. Only do this if you know what you are doing. A mistake can cause major damage to your engine or even a completely blown engine.

The serious tuner is not limited by the settings in the standard ECU. You want full control over your horsepower and you get that with the fully programmable ECUs from brands like AEM and Hondata

View all controllers and ECUs for your Honda


Honda fuel system

If you want more power, you need more fuel. Horsepower comes from gasoline. Sufficient fuel supply is vital for your engine. You want to be able to blindly trust that there is always enough fuel going to your engine. A stronger fuel pump, injectors and a performance fuel rail will help you with this.

Your Honda's fuel system needs to be reliable and safe. You don't want to think about a pipe leaking or a part not working properly.

That is why you will only find good and reliable brands in our webshop, such as:

  • AEM
  • Ashuki
  • B&M
  • Blox Racing
  • Edelbrock
  • Honda
  • MSD
  • RC Engineering
  • Russel Performance
  • Rywire
  • Skunk2
  • US Racing
  • Walbro

View all parts for your Honda fuel system


Honda clutch

Lots of power is nice, but you also have to get it on the road. Your engine delivers a nice performance, but before you actually move, this power must first be transferred to your wheels via the gearbox and drive shafts. The drivetrain gets a hard time with a tuned Honda. That is why you also want to use stronger parts here.

The stock Honda clutch has a limit. If you want more, there are various tuning brands that supply sports clutches in all kinds of stages. Choose the clutch that best suits your needs. There are very strong clutches, but that makes it difficult to drive on the normal road and you certainly don't want to end up in a traffic jam. Opt for a clutch that is strong enough to handle your engine's power, but not much more. A clutch set with, for example, a 6-puck clutch disc gives considerable blows to your drivetrain. This causes other parts to wear out faster. In that case, it is better to replace your clutch disc every now and then than to carry out a gearbox overhaul.

With a sports clutch that is tuned to the power of your engine, you get the most out of your Honda.

View all clutch parts for your Honda


Light-metal flywheel for your Honda

Even in your gearbox you can get extra horsepower. Or actually, you can avoid power loss here. In addition to a clutch, your gearbox also houses the flywheel. This is a heavy metal wheel-shaped part. The flywheel is mounted on the crankshaft and helps keep your engine running smoothly. This flywheel makes it possible, for example, to let your car continue to roll when you let go of the gas. Without the weight of the flywheel, the revs would immediately drop a lot when you let go of the gas.

Now your engine will first have to get the flywheel going, this will lose power. Your Honda gets a relatively heavy flywheel from the factory. Almost half the weight can be taken off here without any problems. Your Honda will continue to run smoothly, but with less effort to set the flywheel in motion. Now you can turn the standard flywheel off, but then you run the risk of imbalance and all the damage that entails. Opt for a balanced alloy flywheel from a well-known tuning brand.

You can feel the effect of a light-metal flywheel especially when accelerating. Even if you let go of the gas, it will come back in revs a bit faster. This may take some getting used to at first, but after a while you don't want anything else. With an alloy flywheel you can play with your accelerator pedal much more directly and get an immediate response. That's fun driving!

A light-metal flywheel is not only fun when you are tuning, it is also a great asset for a commuter Honda. So is your clutch worn and does the gearbox have to come off? Then have a light-metal flywheel installed immediately, which will save you installation costs.

That is why you will find the following brands with us:

  • ACT
  • Energy Suspension
  • BLOX Racing
  • Ashuki
  • Exedy Racing
  • Skunk2
  • Findanza


View all parts for your Honda powertrain


Appearance and Aerodynamics

Honda exterior

You can style the exterior of your Honda completely to your own taste. There are a lot of exterior tuning parts available. From bumpers, side skirts and side mirrors to rims, hoods and spoilers.

Some exterior parts are purely for looks, others really contribute to the performance of your Honda. For example, if you opt for lighter rims, this will contribute to the performance of your car. Bigger rims, with wider tires provide more grip if you have a lot of power.

A hood with openings in the right places provides more cooling where your engine needs it. An open grill makes it easier for your cooling system and the right spoiler provides more stability at high speed.

Whether you go for styling or always focus on performance, at AKR Performance you will find all the exterior parts you need for your Honda.

View all Honda exterior parts


Honda lighting

You can also completely adjust the lighting of your Honda to your taste. Do you want to give your Honda a modern look with clear lights and xenon lighting? Or do you opt for the JDM look to really give your Honda that old school look?

Every light of your Honda can be replaced by an aftermarket version. Headlights, taillights, fog lights, turn signals, parking lights and various separate lights can all be found in our range.

It is of course important that your lighting always works properly.

That is why we supply well-known and trusted brands:

  • Aerodynamics
  • Password:JDM
  • Honda
  • DEPO
  • US Racing
  • Sonar
  • Eagle Eye
  • TYC 
  • APC
  • Esuse
  • Philips
  • AKR
  • Neglin
  • Hella

Which lighting do you choose? View all Honda lighting


Honda interior

You are of course proud of a Honda that looks great on the outside. But we shouldn't forget the interior either. This is where you prefer to spend your time. Beautiful sports seats with 4 or 5-point belts that keep you neatly in place in every bend. With the right chair rails you can put your chair at exactly the right height. Set your seat extra low with the PLM super low seat rails, for a real kart feeling. Do different people often drive in your car? Then it can be useful if the chair remains adjustable. There are also seat rails for this, which are especially suitable for sports seats.

Set up your place completely the way you want it. A fine sports steering wheel at exactly the right distance due to the perfect steering hub. All gauges in the right places, in well-arranged gauge holders. Always tight gears, thanks to the shift knob that fits perfectly in your hand. A set of beautiful floor mats finishes it off, of course.

Do you participate in race or rally competitions? Then finish your roll cage neatly with padding in a color that you like or that suits your sponsors.

Various brands supply beautiful interior tuning and styling products for your Honda.

As a specialist in supplying Honda parts, we only choose reliable brands:

  • US Racing
  • Skunk2
  • Aerodynamics
  • Honda
  • Password:JDM
  • Blox Racing
  • Benen Industries
  • QSP
  • D1 Spec
  • Mishimoto
  • Mügen
  • Ultra Racing

Curious about the possibilities? View all Honda interior parts


Gauges in the interior of your Honda

Especially when you get started with engine tuning, you need gauges to keep an eye on everything. You can conveniently store these gauges in the interior of your Honda with all kinds of gauge holders. This way you have all the important vital functions of your engine in view at a glance. If something goes wrong, you can intervene immediately before damage occurs.

The oil temperature is important for every Honda rider, who is careful with his or her engine. Always warm up your engine to keep wear to a minimum. Is your engine up to temperature? Then the party can start and you can go full throttle. You probably do oil arrows regularly, but with the oil pressure gauge you can immediately see whether there is enough oil in your engine. Of course your Honda has an oil light, but if it lights up, you're already too late.

The ratio of air to fuel is vital for your engine. A lean-running engine does not get enough fuel. This can have fatal consequences for your engine. Certainly at full throttle, sufficient fuel must always be supplied. If this is not the case, leave your gas full immediately to prevent damage. You get all this information with an air/fuel meter.

Do you want complete information when tuning your Honda? Then choose a wideband air/fuel meter with lambda sensor. It gives you exactly all the information you need.

If you drive a turbo or supercharger, it is of course nice to see how much boost it gives. But in addition, you can see whether your turbo or supercharger is reaching its maximum pressure and it is useful to adjust it.

There are several performance brands that supply gauges, holders and accessories for your Honda.

View all Honda Performance gauges



Honda maintenance

Hondas are known for their reliability and longevity. Regular maintenance is important to keep your Honda as reliable. Maintenance work ensures that your car continues to drive smoothly and can deliver optimal performance. Maintenance is especially important if you drive sportily. If you regularly go to the track or if you drive sportily on the road every day, you are asking a lot from your engine. The oil temperature will often rise higher on the track than on the normal road. An oil change on time prevents problems and damage to your engine.

You can have your Honda serviced by experienced mechanics, such as in the AKR Performance workshop. Or you can do it yourself, if you have the right tools. In the AKR Performance webshop you will find all materials, tools and parts you need to maintain your Honda.


Standard Honda parts

Your Honda will also show wear at some point. You now have the choice: do you replace these parts with standard Honda parts, or do you go for aftermarket?

If you choose standard Honda parts, you know that they meet the strictest safety requirements. These parts are identical to the parts that are now on your car and have a long life.

In some cases, with a tuned Honda, you need better or stronger parts than the standard Honda parts that are supplied as standard. Think, for example, of parts such as the spark plugs, steel brake lines or the clutch. Always look carefully at what fits the set-up of your Honda and choose the right parts for it. Don't forget to clean the filter of your air intake regularly during maintenance, so that your engine can continue to perform.


Oil and fluids for your Honda

Do you occasionally buy oil at the Action or do you top up the cooling system with water? Don't underestimate the importance of high-quality oil and fluids. The fluids are more important than you might think. The oil and fluids in your Honda lubricate, cool, maintain and clean the parts in your Honda engine. Only with the right oil and fluids can all parts continue to function as intended.

High quality oil and fluids prevent excessive wear. Especially when you start tuning, the oil and fluids become even more important. Do you want to get maximum power, power and acceleration from your Honda? Then pay attention to which oil and fluids are best for your set-up.

For example, you will use different oil for a daily driven Honda than for a Honda that you mainly use on the track. You also adjust your brake fluid accordingly. High quality gear oil and differential oil is important to keep your drivetrain functioning optimally.

View the best oil and fluids for your Honda


Tools for Honda maintenance

A Honda is a great project to get started on your own. Especially if you have the right parts and tools in house. The lack of a simple cotter pin or a tube of liquid gasket can make you unable to go any further. Of course you don't want that. So make sure you always have the right tools and products when you want to tinker with your Honda.

To prevent you from having to search the internet for the right tools, only to find out after delivery that they are not suitable for your Honda, we have collected the most common tools and consumables for you in the AKR Performance webshop.

All kinds of handy tools for adjusting your engine, such as your ignition or adjusting the valves, can be found in the hand and power tools. But we have also collected frequently used bolts and nuts for you in the mounting materials.

As a true Honda enthusiast, you naturally want your car to be completely tidy. That is why you will also find a wide range of paints in aerosol cans and touch-up sticks. We also have all kinds of handy glues, sealants, cleaners and degreasers. You can never go wrong with the AKR Performance range.

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Care products for your Honda

You naturally want to keep your Honda in top condition. Regular washing, cleaning and polishing of all your beautiful tuning parts is of course part of this. Especially if you want to show it at the next event. So make sure you have the right care products in your garage. These will make the job a lot easier and more fun.

To make your paint shine, you use other care products than to polish your strut bridge or exhaust tips. Therefore, choose the right care product for every job. In the AKR Performance webshop you will find all kinds of handy products with which you can leave your Honda looking like new.

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08 februari 2022