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Customize Honda looks and aerodynamics to your taste

Both the interior and the exterior of your Honda can be completely customized to your taste. From subtle adjustments to an extreme look, it's all possible with the right parts. Are you making changes to the looks of your Honda just because you like it, or do you also want to improve the aerodynamics? There are also all kinds of performance parts available for this.

You are in the right place with the specialist in supplying Honda tuning parts. In our webshop you will find a wide range with which you can significantly improve the appearance and aerodynamics of your Honda.

There is nothing more annoying than parts that don't fit. That is why we have created our own database, in which we were able to match many parts with various Honda models. This gives you extra choice and you can be sure that the supplied part will fit your Honda.

Customizing the interior and exterior makes your Honda truly unique and completely yours. There is no other like this and it completely meets your wishes.

In addition to the looks of your Honda, you can also customize it in all kinds of other ways. Especially to help you on your way, we have created various blogs in which we take you step by step into the world of Honda tuning.

In this series of blogs you will discover:

  • How to improve your Honda's handling and braking;
  • What is possible in terms of performance tuning with your Honda;
  • Which interior and exterior parts are available to customize the look of your Honda to your liking;
  • How to best maintain your Honda, so that you can enjoy your car for years to come.

So in this blog we go deeper into the looks and aerodynamics. The looks of the interior and exterior of your Honda is, of course, largely dependent on your taste. Here we show you what is possible and what choices you can make.

When it comes to aerodynamics, you might just need some help. What are all those performance parts for and what do they do with your Honda? We explain that to you here too.

Adjust Honda interior

The interior of your Honda, that's where you prefer to spend your time. Especially if you tailor the interior completely to your wishes. Down to the smallest detail, you can tailor the components in your Honda to your liking. In the AKR Performance webshop you will find all kinds of dashboard accessories, from covers to handy gauge holders for around the cockpit or in the window style.

Customize your shift knob, shifter cover, handbrake lever, floor mats and pedals the way you want them to look.

Honda shift knob and handbrake handle

Are you also so bothered by the standard shift knob? Doesn't it look sporty at all? We think so too. That is why you will find a wide range of gear shift knobs for your Honda in the AKR Performance webshop. There is certainly a sporty model that appeals to you. Do you opt for a cool 'Type R' shift knob in shiny chrome or matte look? Or would you prefer one with a color or made of sleek carbon? When ordering, make sure you order the right ones, because they are available for manual transmissions with 5 or 6 gears.

Want to finish it all off? Then you immediately choose a Type R shift boot. You know, the one with that signature red stitching. Now that's shifting in style.

The handbrake handle in your Honda does not immediately deserve the beauty prize. Shall we deal with that right away? Match it with your new shift knob, so that you can implement that sporty look throughout your interior. Bronze, silver or carbon, you will find handbrake levers in all kinds, colors and designs in the AKR Performance webshop

Both the shift knobs and handbrake handles are easy to install. This way you can give the interior of your Honda a major upgrade in no time.

View all brake and shift accessories for your Honda

Honda sports steering wheel

A nice steering wheel is important and should preferably also look sporty. In addition, you want the steering wheel at exactly the right distance, so that you can steer comfortably for hours. We have taken that into account. In our webshop you will find different depths of handlebars and matching steering hubs, with which you can put together the best adjustment.

If your Honda has an airbag and you want to fit a sports steering wheel, the airbag light will illuminate on your dashboard. Annoying, but fortunately easy to solve. The error message that the airbag removal in the steering wheel causes causes the entire airbag system to stop working. In addition, you will not pass the MOT with a burning airbag light.

You can easily solve this problem with the airbag warning canceller. The rest of your system will work again and the light on your dashboard will go out. Please note that removing your airbag can cause problems for your insurance.

Sports steering wheels and hubs are available in all kinds of colours, brands and designs. Which suit best with your sporty interior?

View all sports steering wheels and steering hubs for your Honda

Honda dashboard tuning

Your Honda dashboard should give you all the information you need. A tuner demands more from his or her car than the average driver. That is why you also want more information, such as your oil temperature, oil pressure and you would like to see the ratio between the air and fuel that goes into your engine. You have purchased a number of gauges for this. You can place these gauges anywhere in your interior, but you actually want to be able to keep an eye on them continuously. A prominent place on your dashboard is best.

With our years of experience and expertise in supplying Honda tuning parts, we know exactly what you are looking for. In our webshop you will find all kinds of handy gauge holders and other dashboard accessories, with which you can completely tailor your Honda interior to your wishes.

View all dashboard accessories for your Honda

Honda sports seats

Let's not forget the most important part of your interior: the seats. A good sports seat lets you become one with your Honda and lets you know exactly what the car below you is doing. This way you can go through the bend even faster. Especially if you are strapped in your sports seat, with a good pair of 4, 5 or 6-point seat belts.

There are all kinds of sports seats available that you can install in your Honda. From super sporty bucket seats to the more comfortable sports seats with adjustable backrest. All sports seats are equipped with special openings in the backrest, through which you can put the sports belts, so that they remain neatly in place.

Special brackets are available for properly mounting the sports seats in your car. This secures the seats in one position in your car. Do other people often drive your car? Then it can be useful if the chair is adjustable. With seat rails, especially for sports seats, you can mount your new sports seats in such a way that they can also be adjusted from front to back.

Do you want a real racing feeling? Then you probably like to sit low in your car. Then choose the 'super low' seat rails to mount your sports seats at the perfect height.

With the tuning parts in the AKR Performance webshop, you can put together your sports seats completely according to your wishes.

View all sports seats for your Honda

View all seat rails for your Honda

View all belts for your Honda

All interior tuning for your Honda

In the AKR Performance webshop you will find everything you need for tuning your Honda interior. For the sports enthusiasts among us we have also collected special race and rally interior parts. From roll cage padding to special lightweight handles.

If you prefer to keep your interior complete, you probably also want to keep it tidy. By providing your interior upholstery with a set of floor mats, your floor covering will remain neat and easy to keep clean.

As a specialist in supplying Honda tuning parts, we have collected a wide range of interior accessories for you. From smart cargo nets, handy for your helmet when you go to the track, to luxurious center armrests. The choice is all yours. Customize the interior of your Honda and make it as sporty or luxurious as you want.

Are you curious about what is possible with the interior of your Honda? Then take a look around between all Honda interior parts.

Customize Honda exterior

Your Honda is not just any Honda and it should be seen. A set of alloy wheels under your lowered Honda already gives it a completely different and much sportier look. Of course, the alloy wheel nuts should not be missing here.

By customizing the exterior of your Honda, you make a statement. There are all kinds of great styling accessories to suit every individual style. So there is always something that matches your personal style. Do you want a nice, sleek end result? Then don't just buy different styling parts, but coordinate them to get a nice whole. Look at the lines of the front, rear bumper and side skirts, or opt for a complete body kit.

Honda hood

The hood of your Honda determines the front view of your car. Just imagine what it would look like with a beautiful carbon bonnet. Closed with hood pins that immediately give it a racing look. Would you like to protect your hood against stone chips? You can do that with a Masterbra.

View the Honda hoods and accessories

Honda fenders and wheel arches

Your Honda's fenders and wheel arches will likely be the first to show rust. No need to panic, this can be solved easily and certainly no reason to get rid of your Honda. As soon as the rust spot becomes too large, it is more convenient and cheaper to replace the complete fender or to have a new wheel arch fitted by a good painter. Before you know it, your Honda will look like new again.

View the fenders and wheel arches for your Honda

Honda bumper

You want to keep the front and rear bumpers of your Honda looking neat. Yet these are often the first parts that are hit in the event of an accident or a threshold that turns out to be higher than you had estimated. Fortunately, you can quickly solve this with the bumpers and accessories in the AKR Performance webshop. You can also make a cool diffuser in your rear bumper with the bumper accessories in our webshop.

Fitting your bumpers with the right bumper lip, splitter or canards give your Honda a unique and sporty appearance. The bumper lips in our webshop have a good fit and are easy to install.

View all bumper lips, splitters and canards and decide how you want your Honda to look.

Honda grill

A tough grill immediately gives your Honda a more aggressive appearance. In addition, the open structure of a sporty grill also provides more cooling for your engine. Certainly if you have a lot of power, that is not an unnecessary luxury. The grill is a relatively small and reasonably priced part, but it has a major effect on the styling of your car.

View the grilles for your Honda

Honda spoiler

How cool does a tight spoiler look on a carbon trunk? A trunk spoiler immediately gives your Honda a sporty character. There are all kinds of different types, sizes and brands of spoilers available. From subtle edge to extreme wings, with or without a third brake light in it.

A spoiler has an important function in addition to the appearance. They partly determine the aerodynamics of your car. We will go into more detail about how this works later in this blog. Did you choose the spoiler just because you like it? Fine, then you can choose any spoiler you want that matches the styling of your Honda. Do you want the spoiler to help with the handling of your car? Then you will have to choose these carefully.

View all spoilers for your Honda

Honda side mirrors

Perhaps you would prefer to leave them out, but you cannot and should not drive without side mirrors. Then you might as well make something beautiful out of it. Fortunately, there are all kinds of different versions of side mirrors available, which look a lot nicer than the standard. Manually operated, electrically or even heated, carbon or plain ABS, the choice is yours.

Discover the different exterior mirrors for your Honda.

Honda emblems and logos

You are proud to drive a Honda and everyone can see that. Mount such a cool red Honda emblem or choose one of the many other colors that matches the styling of your car. Did you later install a Vtec engine? You want to show that to whoever you have mercilessly overtaken, so stick a subtle VTEC emblem on your tailgate.

Do you want to prevent someone from putting the wrong petrol in your Honda? Stick the Honda sticker 'only unleaded petrol euro 98' and this problem will be a thing of the past. In the AKR Performance webshop you will find all kinds of beautiful and fun Honda emblems, logos and stickers.

View all Honda emblems and logos

Honda styling

Honda styling is in the details, every tuner knows that. Do you also look at the smallest details on every Honda, when you go to an event? Then you know which Honda belongs to a real enthusiast. Bolts finished with Fender washers in a matching color show that a lot of attention has been given to the styling of the car.

Window visors not only provide more comfort if you want to drive with your windows open, but also give your Honda a different look. Complete the look by giving your headlights or taillights a touch with special foil from US-Racing.

Do you want to tune your Honda in detail? View all Honda styling accessories.

Honda headlights

The lighting of your Honda gives you the opportunity to make a truly unique statement. Are you going for old school lighting, including yellow lights? Do you choose JDM or do you prefer to give your Honda a modern look by installing LED lighting?

Headlights with 'Angel eyes' have been popular in the tuning world for years and ensure that you are recognizable from afar. By matching the headlights of your Honda to the rest of your styling, you get a beautiful whole. Choose a black or silver background and let the lamps blend in nicely.

Discover which headlights are available for your Honda.

Honda taillights

The standard taillights are often one of the first parts to be replaced when a Honda enthusiast gets started with the styling of his or her car. That's not surprising when you see how many different types of taillights are available. It's not difficult to find a set of taillights that exactly match the styling you want for your Honda. Sleek red/white JDM taillights, red/white with crystal look, Lexus-look or taillights with LED, there are suitable taillights available for every style.

Which taillights fit your Honda? View all Honda taillights.

Honda lighting

The side indicators, parking lights and fog lights complete the look of your Honda. A set of side indicators may seem insignificant, but they make a big difference to the overall look of your car. Replace the set of standard orange side indicators with a set of sleek white, black or LED side indicators and be surprised by the difference.

This also applies to the parking lights next to your headlights. You can mount a nice set of headlights, but as long as the standard parking lights are next to it, it is not complete. Choose clear, black, amber or US style and really complete your look.

Do not forget to order suitable lamps. It is of course a shame if you see the standard orange lights in your new side indicators or city lights. Special chrome-coated lights are available, these are not visible in your lamp, but do blink orange. With this you meet all legal requirements that the MOT sets for your lighting, and it looks sleek.

Do you have room for fog lamps in your front bumper? Then choose one of the cool fog lamp sets in our webshop. They give you better visibility in bad weather conditions and are a nice addition to the styling of your Honda.

View all lighting for your Honda

Honda Aerodynamics

Aerodynamics do a lot to the handling of your Honda. How the driving wind passes, over and under your car determines how it behaves on the road. When the driving wind passes the car as smoothly as possible, with as little resistance as possible, it will drive as economically as possible. But of course we want more.

Just look at an average GT race car. Aerodynamic aids have been used on all sides here to keep it on the track as best as possible. Depending on your wishes, you can adjust the aerodynamics. Would you like to reach higher speeds in a good straight line? Then you opt for little wing, for example. As much contact as possible with the road surface in the bend? Then you need a lot more wing.

Even if you choose a wing because you like it, aerodynamics is something to consider. With a large wing you can just give up part of your top speed. The wing creates so much resistance that you can no longer reach the normal top speed.

All in all, aerodynamics parts are meant to improve the handling of your Honda. They can be used to direct the cooling towards the brakes and engine and improve the overall stability of your car. Now all these adjustments for a daily driver may be a bit exaggerated, but if you regularly want to hit the track or participate in Time Attack it suddenly becomes a lot more interesting.

Read below how you can influence the aerodynamics of your Honda and what the effect is.

Give your Honda more downforce

Downforce is nothing but the downward force that pulls your Honda towards the road. We all want to have a certain amount of downforce. Certainly if you have ever noticed that your car starts to feel a bit floaty at a higher speed, you know that you do not want that in any case. Still, you don't want too much downforce either. It is therefore important to find a balance here. Sufficient downforce, without slowing down your car.

The disadvantage of too much downforce is that you will give in at top speed. Now this is less bad if you mainly go for cornering, but also on the highway this can already cause extra fuel consumption and it makes your car slower.

Just look at the spoiler on race cars. On a twisty circuit, more wing is deployed, while on a high-speed circuit, the wing is adjusted almost horizontally.

Now these cars are of course professionally tuned, after extensive calculations. Still, it's nice to see the art and experiment with it on your own Honda.

Performance parts that can improve the aerodynamics of your Honda include:

  • Spoilers
  • Diffusers
  • Canards
  • Side skirts
  • Side ducts
  • Splitters

All these aerodynamic components ensure that your Honda sticks to the asphalt when cornering, but it also makes a positive contribution to your braking power and acceleration. These parts also ensure that you get more grip.

In summary: Too much downforce makes your Honda slower, too little downforce and you lose grip in the corner. Somewhere in the middle, that's where you want to be.

Keep your Honda in balance

Aerodynamics is all about balance and stability. If you put an extremely large spoiler on the back of your Honda, you will get more pressure on the rear wheels. Chances are that the front of your car will be pushed up by the downward pressure generated by the rear spoiler.

If this happens, you will need more downforce on the front of your Honda at higher speeds. Weight distribution is important here. Most Hondas will have a 60/40 weight distribution as they are front wheel drive. A spoiler that is too large can therefore cause more understeer.

You want to prevent this. Small adjustments to the front of your Honda can be just enough to bring everything back into balance. An air dam, splitter or front bumper lip can already make an important difference here.

How does the shape of a wing affect your aerodynamics?

The shape of a wing determines the effect on your Honda. There is not one spoiler that works well on all Hondas. This has to do with the way the air flows through the side windows and the roof towards the wing. A wing that optimally cooperates with the flow of the air has the most effect and the least air resistance.

A straight wing needs several elements to prevent the air from 'escaping'. The more shaped wings gradually rise. These types of wings are usually more effective than the straight wings because they respond better to the airflow. They create more downforce, but with as little drag as possible.

Side skirts and canards for your Honda

Side skirts and canards basically serve the same purpose. They both reduce the airflow that goes under the car. If you put a bumper lip under your front bumper, it acts as an air dam. As a result, the air pressure under the car is lower, which causes downforce. As a result, the airflow next to the car wants to go under the car. You do not want this and you can prevent that with side skirts, because they ensure that there is less space left between the car and the surface. Actually, the side skirt should come as close to the ground as possible, but that is of course not feasible on public roads.

Canards not only look tough, they also provide downforce. The driving wind is pushed upwards, causing the airflow to go up and not towards the bottom of your car. Canards and side skirts ideally work together to achieve a nice, aerodynamic balance.

Splitter for your Honda

A splitter is actually a small spoiler on the front of your Honda. If an air dam is mounted, the splitter will be placed directly below it. In racing, these parts are precisely matched and measured. For on the normal road it is all a bit less precise and it is not feasible to drive around with a kind of cake server.

That's why we approach it a little more subtly. We imitate the effect of an air dam to a lesser extent with a front bumper lip. In racing, a splitter is a horizontal plate that is mounted under the air dam and protrudes forward. As a result, it splits the air that comes under the car and which passes over the car.

Some front bumper lips have a subtle edging at the bottom of the lip that protrudes forward. These can, of course to a much lesser extent, mimic the effect of a splitter.

Improve the aerodynamics of your Honda

Aerodynamics, you can almost study it and it is seriously interesting if you want to get the most out of your Honda on the track. As you have seen in this blog, it is important to think carefully about how you deal with the aerodynamics of your Honda. Certain performance components can cause unexpected effects. With the information in this blog we hope to have given you more insight into how this works and what the effects can be.

Therefore, take a look at which performance parts you will use to take the exterior of your Honda to the next level.

Here you will find all exterior parts for your Honda.

28 maart 2022