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How-To - Starting point for every Honda Owner

Here you will find everything about Tuning and Maintenance of Hondas!

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Getting Started Guide

Do you have a Honda and want to improve it? But no idea what the possibilities are? In this start guide, we'll tell you what you can improve on your Honda.

Improve your Honda? Start here!

Straight into the deep? Below you will find in-depth information about road handling and braking, performance tuning, external improvements and maintenance.



Improve handling and braking

Tune your Honda? Then you start improving the handling and braking. Because how do you want to get all that new power on the road without good grip? And once you launch away, you naturally want to be able to stop safely and on time.

Here you will find everything about improving your handling and stopping power.



Performance Tuning

Nice! Now that you have provided your car with great handling and excellent brakes, we can talk about horsepower, KWs and DBs. Let's go! BROAP!!



Appearance and Aerodynamics

Need extra downforce? With aerodynamics adjustments you also improve the look of your car. Two birds with one blow!



Honda Maintenance

Proper maintenance is important to keep your Honda in top condition. Follow these steps to keep your Honda reliable.


If you want to bring the performance of your Honda to the next level, a turbo will certainly help you with that. But how does such a turbo actually work and what do you need to put it on your Honda engine? We will go deeper into this in this blog.

If you just look at MPM's motor oil line, there are plenty of choices to make. How can you be sure you choose the right one?