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Honda Z600

Honda Model Information - Z600

The Honda Z600 was delivered in Europe from 1971 to 1972. The Z600 is a 'kei-car' just like the N360. This typical Japanese mini vehicle was produced from 1970 to 1974. Exports largely stopped in 1972. It was equipped with a 600cc engine, especially for export. In Japanese, this model was sold with a 354cc engine to meet the strict requirements of the government. The name was changed there to Z360, matching the engine size. The 598cc engine with which this Honda was released in the USA and Europe gave the name Honda Z600.

In Europe, the Honda Z600 has hardly been delivered. Only 918 cars of this model were sold, most of them in France and Switzerland. A large number of these cars can be found in Germany. Here the engines were reduced to 242cc so that they could serve as a car for people without a driver's license, as we know the microcar.

Honda Z600 parts

Parts for the Honda Z600 are hardly available in the Netherlands. Officially, this model was never sold here. As a specialist in supplying Honda parts, AKR Performance offers many Honda related parts. Many of these parts can be used on various Hondas. Our wide range of universal parts also prove to be very useful for various applications.

Honda Z600 tuning

The Honda Z600 proves that tuning is possible with any car. In August 2008, the land speed record for standard 750cc engined cars was set on the Bonneville salt flats by a 1971 Honda Z600 named "Evil Tweety". With a standard exterior and a bored 700cc engine.

With the right tuning parts you can turn every Honda into a racing monster.

Maintenance of your Honda Z600

Your Honda Z600 needs regular attention and maintenance to keep performing. A car of this age needs special materials and fluids. Modern oils are not suitable for this engine technology. That is why AKR Performance has included special motor oil for classic cars in its range.

Do you carry out maintenance on your Z600 yourself? Then order all necessary parts, materials and fluids in our webshop. Due to our large stock, we deliver quickly. Usually your order will be delivered the next working day.

Would you rather leave the maintenance to a professional? No problem. We have a fully equipped workshop where experienced technicians carry out all maintenance work. You are also welcome to contact us for repairs and the installation of parts.

Do you have questions about the possibilities with your Honda Z600? Contact us, we will be happy to inform you.