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Honda Legend 4-Door Sedan

Honda Model Information - Honda Legend 4 Door Sedan

The Honda Legend sedan came on the market in 1986. This large car, equipped with 2.5i 24V engine, was the first limousine in the e-segment of Honda. In North America and Hong Kong this model was offered under the luxury name Acura. After the release of the sedan model, the Honda Legend coupe also appeared on the market. Especially the second generation Legend, and especially the coupe, has developed into the best-selling Honda Legend.

Various model changes and engine changes came in 2008 with the Legend sedan 3.7i V6 on the market. In 2010, Honda discontinued the Legend for the European market while the fifth generation was released in Japan.

Honda Legend sedan parts

You can order parts for the Honda Legend sedan quickly and easily in the AKR Performance webshop. Due to our large stock, fast delivery and competitive prices, you have come to the right place for all your Honda parts.

In our range you will find original Honda parts, various aftermarket brands and well-known tuning items. All parts are subjected to rigorous testing, only the highest quality is good enough for your Honda Legend sedan.

Honda Legend sedan tuning

Don't tuning and limousine go together? Of course we don't expect you to hit the track with your Legend sedan. Tuning parts have more functions than creating a racing monster. Improving your car on various points provides even more driving pleasure. Improve road holding and braking and increase your safety.

Well-known and reliable tuning brands make various parts that improve the performance of your Legend sedan in all respects.

Honda Legend sedan brakes

The brakes of your Honda Legend sedan sometimes have a hard time. The weight of this large car must be able to be effectively brought to a standstill. Good brakes are indispensable. The original brakes can fail under severe conditions. Temperatures that are too high will reduce braking performance.

Sport brake discs and brake pads are specially designed to withstand these high temperatures generated during braking. The special design ensures better dissipation of heat and brake dust so that your brakes can always perform optimally.

Maintenance of your Honda Legend sedan

A limousine like the Honda Legend sedan requires a smooth engine that drives comfortably. A well-maintained engine continues to deliver top performance and provides many trouble-free kilometers of driving pleasure.

If you want to carry out maintenance on your Honda Legend sedan yourself, you will find all the necessary parts, materials and tools in the AKR Performance webshop. Delivered quickly and at the best price.

Prefer to outsource the maintenance of your Legend sedan to the professional? Experienced mechanics are available in our workshop to carry out all common work on your legend. As a specialist in supplying Honda and maintaining en repairing Honda’s, we know exactly what your Legend needs. Every maintenance and the assembly of parts is carried out professionally.

Do you want more information about our Legend parts? Thanks to our many years of experience, we provide fitting advice, please contact us.