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Honda Jazz

The Honda Jazz stands for; surprisingly spacious, fun and economical driving, freedom, flexibility and absolute safety. In other parts of the world, this model is also known as the Honda Fit. The Jazz came on the market in 2002 with a 1.2i and 1.4i engine. From 2011 to 2015, a Honda Jazz 1.4 Hybrid was even launched. The models from 2015 are equipped with a 1.3 engine.

The Honda Jazz is a compact model, packed with driving pleasure. Due to its practicality, it is quite popular in the Netherlands. The smart placement of the petrol tank, among other things, creates a large loading space in a relatively small car. The folding seats provide even more convenience. The Honda Jazz also scores well in terms of safety. He reached the maximum number of stars in the EuroNCAP crash test.

If you want a safe, compact car that gives you all the space for a flexible lifestyle, choose the Honda Jazz.

Honda Jazz parts

You can order parts for your Honda Jazz quickly and easily in the AKR Performance webshop. As a Honda car parts seller in the Netherlands, we know exactly which parts your Honda Jazz needs to continue to drive as safely and reliably as it always has. In our range you will also find all the parts you need for maintaining your Jazz. Because your car is in top condition, it will continue to deliver the performance you are used to from it.

We also look at the performance of a Honda. That is why we have added various tuning brands to our range. These brands offer high quality tuning parts that improve the performance of your Honda Jazz.

Honda Jazz tuning

Tuning can be applied perfectly on economical Honda models. You do not only have to install tuning parts to go faster. With the right parts you ensure that the engine of your Jazz can do its job better and easier. If your driving style remains the same, you will be able to drive even more economically. Simply because you achieve more with the same amount of gas.

Fitting a K&N replacement filter is a good example of this. This air filter improves the flow of clean air to the engine. This creates an even more optimal combustion. An additional advantage of this filter, it is cleaned with every maintenance and is no longer completely replaced. Good for the environment and your wallet.

Do you want to give your Jazz a sportier look? Install a set of lowering springs and you are also tighter on the road.

Honda Jazz brakes

The Jazz is a safe car during a crash. Would you rather prevent than cure? Install better brakes on your Honda. Increase the braking performance of your car and enjoy even more safety. Harder and more dosable braking are just some of the advantages.
The better brake discs and pads are designed to effectively dissipate the heat, brake dust and gases released during braking. This keeps the braking performance constant which gives you more confidence.

Maintenance of your Honda Jazz

Do you regularly have the maintenance of your Honda Jazz carried out? Or do you prefer to do it yourself? Whatever you choose, AKR Performance is the right place for you. In our webshop you will find all parts, materials and tools that you need for maintaining your Honda Jazz.

If you prefer to have the maintenance carried out by the professional, you are welcome in our workshop. Here, experienced mechanic are ready to do any job for you. Maintenance or assembling parts, our technicians carry out every job professionally. As a Honda specialist in the Netherlands, we know what your Honda Jazz needs.

Do you want more information about the possibilities with your Honda Jazz? Please contact us, we are happy to inform you.