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Honda Integra 5 door

The Honda Integra 5-door is the predecessor of the Integra Type R and Integra DC5 as we know them today. This 5 door Integra was delivered from 1986 to 1989, equipped with 1.5 engine. In appearance, it doesn't look much like today's Integras, with its pop-up headlights and straight lines.

In Japan, the Honda Integra 5-door debuted as the Honda Quint Integra. Sales started later that year in America where this model was housed as part of the luxury Acura model line.

The Integra 5-door is the predecessor of the more famous Honda Integra 3-door with its Type R, GS-R and DC5 models.

Honda Integra 5 door parts

You can find parts for your Honda Integra 5-door in the AKR Performance webshop. A Honda of this year needs new parts from time to time. Not all parts are still available as original Honda. Various aftermarket brands are responding to this. They offer their products for attractive prices. Extensively tested for quality and reliability, their aim is to match the quality of the original.

Honda Integra 5 door tuning

The Honda Integra 5-door is not nearly as popular a tuning project as the Integra Type R and the Integra DC5. But tuning parts are also available for the Integra 5-door. Replace the original air filter with an improved version, the K&N replacement filter. Fit the gearbox with a stronger clutch. Even a motor swap is possible with the right tuning products.

The real tuner unleashes his creativity on the Honda Integra 5-door. Everything is possible with the products in the AKR Performance webshop.

Honda Integra 5 door brakes

Tuned or not, your Integra's brakes have to be good. Your brakes should perform optimally under all conditions. Is the braking performance of your original brakes disappointing? Replace them with a set of sport brake discs and pads. Your Integra 5-door will immediately brake better.

The original brake hoses do not get better over the years. The material dries out and becomes less and less flexible. Cracks are a real danger. Replace the brake hoses with a set of stainless steel brake hoses. Not only is this a lot safer, you can brake much better, harder and more manageable with it.

Maintenance of your Honda Integra 5-door

The Honda Integra 5-door is fast becoming a classic car. And vintage cars need special attention and care. This includes regular maintenance. Even if you do not drive your Integra every day, it is important not to skip the maintenance. A Honda doesn't need much.

As a Honda specialist in the Netherlands, we know exactly what your Honda Integra needs to stay in top condition. Our experienced mechanics carry out all jobs in our fully equipped workshop. From maintenance to mounting various parts, your Honda Integra is treated with care here.

Would you like to carry out the maintenance yourself? No problem. With the parts and materials in our webshop you have everything you need at your fingertips. Due to our large stock, your order will be delivered quickly. You will also find the necessary tools here.

Would you like more information about the possibilities with your Honda? Contact us, we will be happy to inform you.