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Honda HR-V 5-Door

Honda Model Information - Honda HR-V 5 door

The Honda HR-V 5-door is a slightly larger SUV than the HR-V 3-door. Both models were released from 1999. Where the 3-door model stopped, the HR-V 5-door was further developed, in 2014 the second generation HR-V 5-door came on the market with a completely renewed design. 

Just like the HR-V 3-door, the Honda HR-V 5-door is also available in a 2-wheel and 4-wheel drive model, equipped with a 1.6i engine. The newer models of the second generation HR-V 5-door were equipped with both a 1.5 and a 1.6 i-DTEC engine.

The shared basis with the Honda Fit ensures that the HR-V is 5 doors smaller than the Honda CR-V, the other SUV in the Honda model line. But even though it is smaller, it does not lack all kinds of luxury and innovative techniques, the HR-V 5-door is amply provided for.

Honda HR-V 5 door parts

With the parts in our webshop you keep your Honda HR-V 5-door in top condition. Replace worn or broken parts with quality parts. Original Honda, aftermarket or well-known and reliable tuning brands, you will find them all in the AKR Performance webshop. As a Honda Specialist in the Netherlands, we know exactly what you are looking for for your Honda HR-V 5-door. 

The best parts for maintaining your Honda, repairing damage or improving its performance. You will find all the necessary parts, tools and materials with us. Easily ordered in the webshop, delivered quickly.

Honda HR-V 5 door tuning

Tuning for your Honda HR-V 5-door? You won't see yourself on the drag track anytime soon, and you don't need to. Tuning is much more than that. Optimizing driving behaviour, tailoring performance to your wishes. That is what you achieve with the right tuning parts. Better brakes, a tighter chassis and a more responsive engine are just some of the goals you can achieve with tuning parts.

In addition, with tuning parts you give your Honda HR-V 5-door a completely unique look.

Honda HR-V 5 door exhaust

A sporty sound from your Honda HR-V 5 door? Install a sport muffler. In the AKR Performance webshop you will find an extensive range of universal rear silencers. Choose the look you like, you can adjust the sound to your own liking by using the included silencer. This separate muffler can be screwed into the exhaust as desired in order to dampen the exhaust noise.

Honda HR-V 5 door chassis and road holding

Immediately give your Honda HR-V 5-door a sportier look by mounting a set of lowering springs. Sporty driving characteristics, tighter cornering and more grip on the road. The road holding of your Honda HR-V 5-door is determined by the chassis. If your chassis is in top condition, your Honda HR-V will continue to deliver top performance.

Honda HR-V 5 door brakes

The HR-V 5-door has reasonable brakes as standard. If you want more braking performance, this is easy to solve. Replace the brake discs and pads of your Honda HR-V 5-door for an improved set. A major advantage of this is the better heat dissipation, which means that the braking performance remains more stable. Even under heavy load due to large amounts of luggage, many passengers or driving in mountainous areas.

Maintenance of your Honda HR-V 5-door

The Honda HR-V 5-door is, like every Honda, a very reliable car. One of the requirements to keep it that way is regular maintenance. You can maintain your HR-V yourself if you have the space and tools to do so. All necessary parts and materials can be ordered quickly and easily in the AKR Performance webshop. Thanks to our years of experience, we know exactly what your HR-V needs.

Of course you are also welcome in our workshop. We carry out all common work here. Experienced mechanics take care of the maintenance of your Honda HR-V. Mounting parts is also no problem here. 

Do you want more information? Contact us, we will gladly inform you about the possibilities with your Honda HR-V 5-door.