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Honda HR-V 3-Door

Honda Model Information - HR-V 3 door

The Honda HR-V is a compact SUV. From 1999 to 2003 it was released as a 3-door model. The HR-V 5-door model has remained on the market longer.

The Honda HR-V 3-door was released as a 2-wheel and 4-wheel drive model, all equipped with a 1.6i engine. The Honda Logo was used as a basis. The Honda HR-V 3-door has a somewhat futuristic appearance, which appealed to many enthusiasts. Around 2002 the HR-V was released with some exterior changes and a completely new interior. The real-time 4 wheel drive system comes from the Honda CR-V. The Honda HR-V was ahead of its time in pedestrian safety design and is equipped with many technical features for even more safety and comfort. 

Honda HR-V 3 door parts

If you want to keep your Honda HR-V 3-door in top condition, you provide it with the best parts. In the AKR Performance webshop you will find all the parts you need for your HR-V 3-door. Not just parts for maintaining your Honda. Also parts that further improve your Honda or give that personal touch.

Make your choice from our wide range. As a Honda Specialist, we know what you are looking for. All brands in our webshop deliver high quality parts. This way, your Honda HR-V 3-door will remain as reliable as it already was. 

Honda HR-V 3 door tuning

Tuning is often in the small things. Details that increase performance or driving pleasure. Replacing an air filter with a K&N replacement filter is a small, easy operation. Providing your Honda HR-V with better spark plugs for optimal performance is also part of tuning.

All those little details together make a big difference. Improving performance and driving pleasure is increased by mounting the right tuning parts on your Honda HR-V.

Honda HR-V 3 door exhaust

The exhaust of your HR-V 3-door is, in general, silently present. A sporty exhaust note matches the futuristic appearance of the HR-V 3-door. You can achieve this with one of our universal mufflers. These exhausts are suitable for mounting under the HR-V 3 doors and the exhaust sound is adjustable with the included silencer.

The exhaust system can be further optimized with a cat-replacing pipe such as a racing catalytic converter with which it still passes the MOT. All necessary mounting material and gaskets can easily be ordered in our webshop. 

Honda HR-V 3 door chassis and road holding

The chassis of your Honda HR-V 3-door ensures good road holding. Honda is generally known for good handling. This is mainly due to the use of high quality materials and innovative technologies. Make sure that the chassis of your HR-V 3-door always remains in top condition. The wishbone rubbers of your HR-V are subject to wear, we offer new, improved wishbone rubbers and other undercarriage rubbers and bushings.

With a set of lowering springs under your HR-V 3-door you give it even better road holding and sporty looks. 

Honda HR-V 3 door brakes

The brakes of your HR-V 3-door are important parts. They must always perform optimally to guarantee your safety on the road. Do you have a sporty driving style or do you often drive heavily loaded, then upgrading your brakes is not a luxury. By mounting a set of sport brake discs and brake pads, the braking performance of your Honda HR-V 3-door improves. These brakes are designed to better dissipate heat and brake dust. This allows them to perform better and you can brake harder. 

Maintenance of your Honda HR-V 3-door

Your Honda HR-V 3-door deserves good and regular maintenance. This way he can continue to deliver the performance you are used to. High-quality parts significantly extend the life of your HR-V.

You can carry out maintenance on your Honda HR-V 3-door yourself with the parts and materials in our webshop. Due to our large stock and fast delivery, you usually have all the necessary items at home the next working day. You can even find all the tools in our webshop.

Would you rather outsource the maintenance to the professional? No problem, our experienced technicians are ready for you in our fully equipped workshop. We carry out every maintenance service and you have also come to the right place for the installation of other parts on your Honda HR-V.

Would you like more information about the possibilities with your Honda HR-V 3-door? Contact us, we will be happy to advise you.