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Honda FR-V

Honda Model Information - FR-V

The Honda FR-V is the successor to the Honda Stream. This midi MPV offers space for 6 people in two rows of seats. This, quite unique, setup is seen on, for example, the Fiat Multipla. Due to this arrangement, the Honda FR-V retains a generous luggage space. The Honda FR-V came on the market in 2004 with a 1.7i, 2.0i and 2.2i CTDi engine. The next generation was delivered from 2007 to 2010, equipped with a 1.8i and 2.2i CTDi engine.

Honda FR-V parts

You can find parts for your Honda FR-V in the AKR Performance webshop. Reliable, genuine Honda parts. Affordable aftermarket parts and parts from well-known tuning brands that improve the performance of your FR-V. You can easily order all the parts you need for the maintenance of your FR-V online in our webshop. Use the right parts and keep your Honda FR-V in top condition.

Honda FR-V tuning

The FR-V is not directly a Honda model that you associate with tuning. Yet tuning goes further than the speed demons you initially think of. You also optimize and improve your car with tuning parts.

For example, replace the original air filter with a K&N replacement filter. This filter supplies more air to the engine, making it easier to do its job. In addition, the FR-V replacement filter is easy to clean with every maintenance and no longer needs to be replaced with a new one. Good for the environment and your wallet.

In addition, there are various tuning parts with which you can give your Honda FR-V a personal touch. For the interior, exterior and lighting.

Honda FR-V exhaust

The Honda FR-V exhaust is mounted with all kinds of gaskets to form a leak-free whole. You can find all gaskets and mounting material in the AKR Performance webshop.

Do you want to give a sporty touch to your Honda FR-V? With a racing catalytic converter you improve the flow of the exhaust and you want some horsepower. A nice sporty sound is achieved by mounting a sporty muffler. In our range you will find a wide choice of universal mufflers. These exhausts are supplied including a silencer with which you can determine the amount of sound yourself.

Honda FR-V chassis and handling

The chassis of your Honda FR-V determines the road holding of your car. As long as it is in top condition, there is nothing to worry about. But as soon as the suspension rubbers, such as the wishbone rubbers, become worn or other wear parts come to their end, the road holding will be less good. Regular maintenance and checking of these parts reveals this. In this way, chassis parts can be replaced in time so that road holding remains optimal and safe.

Honda FR-V brakes

Good brakes under your FR-V increase your safety on the road. The FR-V is ideal for transporting several people, including their luggage. As a result, the weight can add up considerably. This higher load can become too much for your original brakes. They have a hard time especially in the mountains, on vacation.

Replace the original brakes with upgraded discs and pads. They have been specially developed and designed to better dissipate the heat released during braking. Brake dust and gases are also quickly and effectively removed, so that the brake discs and brake pads continue to perform optimally. 

Maintenance of your Honda FR-V

Maintaining your Honda FR-V should be done on a regular basis. Of course you, as a Honda enthusiast, keep your car neat and clean with the right car care products. But the FR-V also has to be maintained technically.

Change oil regularly, check spark plugs and filters, it's part of it. This is the only way to enjoy your Honda FR-V for many years to come.

You can choose to carry out maintenance on your Honda FR-V yourself. If you have the tools at home and you have the knowledge and skills to do this yourself, order all the necessary parts in our webshop. Due to our large stock, we usually ship your order the same day.

Of course you can also visit our workshop. Experienced mechanics are ready to professionally carry out all work on your Honda FR-V.

Would you like more information about our products or services? Contact us, we will gladly inform you about the possibilities for your Honda FR-V.