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Honda CRX Del Sol

Honda Model Information - CRX Del Sol

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Honda CRX Del Sol

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Honda CRX Del Sol

The Honda Del Sol was launched in 1992 as a successor to the popular CRX. The chassis of the Del Sol is based on the Civic models. That is why this model was renamed Civic Del Sol in America. In Europe, it came on the market as CRX Del Sol, even though the Del Sol looks nothing like the CRX. 

This 2-seater owes its name to the targa roof. The manually operated or electric roof panel disappears in the trunk, together with the lowerable rear window it is a great car to drive in the summer. The Del Sol comes with two different engines. The 1.6 ESI and 1.6 VTI, both well suited as tuning equipment.

Honda Del Sol parts

Honda Del Sol parts are easily available in the AKR Performance webshop. All the parts you need for maintenance, damage repair and tuning can be found here. We offer a wide choice of original Honda parts, aftermarket parts at friendly prices or various well-known and reliable tuning parts for your Honda Del Sol. Whichever parts you choose, the brands and suppliers selected by us deliver only quality. Genuine Honda parts are known for their reliability. The aftermarket suppliers do their utmost to approach this quality, tuning brands want to exceed it and improve the performance of your Del Sol even further.

Honda Del Sol tuning

The Honda Del Sol is a great tuning project. The motors supplied are well suited for motor tuning at every level. From light tuning such as a short ram intake or cold air intake and exhaust system. Up to a completely built engine with stronger pistons, connecting rods and other internals. Even a Honda engine swap is one of the options. 

Its unique appearance makes the Del Sol a popular tuning object. You can completely tune and style the Del Sol to your own taste, both inside and out. The complete range of tuning parts in our webshop offers you all the necessary materials. With our extensive experience and knowledge, we can provide you with appropriate advice.

Honda Del Sol exhaust

The exhaust of your Del Sol could use some improvement. The complete exhaust system can be replaced for improved exhaust parts. You can choose from different brands and versions.

The exhaust manifold of your Del Sol is holding back a lot of power. If you replace it with a stainless steel exhaust manifold in the 4-1 or 4-2-1 model, you will immediately gain power. The 4-1 model is especially suitable for the tuner who wants more power at high rpm. The 4-2-1 model delivers more power and power in the low and medium revs. So choose the right exhaust manifold model for your set-up and the use of your Del Sol.

The exhaust manifold is followed by the catalytic converter. Due to its filtering effect, this exhaust part blocks a lot of power. When you have replaced the exhaust manifold, it is a shame to leave the catalytic converter in place, after all, it stops a lot of newly gained power. Replace the catalytic converter with a cat replacement, test pipe, or race catalytic converter. A cat replacement is an open exhaust part that still contains some damping. The test pipe is a completely empty straight pipe. A racing catalytic converter contains an open filter structure that allows the power to pass through but your Del Sol still passes the inspection.

After the catalytic converter you will find the midsection and muffler. These exhaust parts can be replaced by separate parts, with a thicker diameter, or a completely coordinated Del Sol cat back system. Do you want a sporty sound or do you prefer a quieter exhaust? Our exhausts are available in various versions and often equipped with a so-called silencer with which you can control the exhaust sound.

Honda Del Sol improve road holding

The road holding of your Del Sol can be improved in many ways. Due to the relatively heavy roof system, the center of gravity is higher than with the average Civic or CRX. In addition, the Del Sol lacks the rigidity in the chassis that the roof offers. To cope with this, there are various bars, braces and strut bars on the market that give the chassis more rigidity. 

Lowering springs and coilovers give your Del Sol a sporty look by lowering it to the road. And of course such a system offers a tighter road holding. Supplement this with a stabilizer bar at the front and rear under your car, wishbones and stiffer rubbers. Your Del Sol's road holding will improve dramatically. The result is higher cornering speed and more grip when braking and accelerating.

Honda Del Sol brakes

Every sporty Honda should have a good braking system. When you drive sportily and brake, a lot of heat is released. These temperatures can be very high. Your Del Sol's original brakes have a hard time, they can't dissipate heat properly and can reduce braking performance. 

Sport brakes are designed to withstand high temperatures and maintain peak performance. Sport brake discs are ventilated so that heat can dissipate well. They are provided with holes or grooves where brake dust and gases, which are released during braking, are discharged. In this way, the contact of the brake disc and brake pads remains optimal, so that they achieve high braking performance.

The brake pads are fitted with a balanced 'compound' brake material. This layer is a mix of different materials. Each compound has its own braking properties and temperature range. For example, not every brake pad is suitable for normal road use, because some racing brake pads must first be brought up to temperature before they brake properly.

Provide your Honda Del Sol with the correct brake discs and brake pads, appropriate for the use of your car. Combined with a set of stainless steel brake lines all around and good quality brake fluid.

Honda Del Sol styling

The Del Sol is a great styling object with its unique appearance. You already attract attention when you let the targa roof disappear into the trunk, but even more if you have also completely styled the exterior of your Del Sol. Tuning and styling products abound for the Honda Del Sol. 

Are you going for subtle adjustments such as bumper lips and a modest rear wing? Or extremely extended with wide body bumpers, side skirts, screens, hood and spoiler. The right lighting makes it complete, headlights, taillights and side indicators specifically for your Del Sol can be found in our webshop.

You can also style the interior of your Honda Del Sol to your heart's content. Sports seats, sports steering wheel and hub, various gauges in the window style and a neat shift knob give that personal touch.

Maintenance of your Honda Del Sol

The Honda Del Sol, like any other car, needs regular maintenance. An extra point of attention with this Honda is the roof. A well-maintained targa roof offers you years of driving pleasure. Keep the rubbers of the roof clean and flexible, take care of them with the right products to prevent leakage. 

Do you want to carry out the maintenance of your Honda Del Sol yourself? You will find all the necessary parts, materials and tools in our webshop. Due to our large stock, we deliver quickly, so you often have your order at home the next working day.

Prefer to outsource maintenance to a professional? Experienced technicians are available in our workshop to perform all common work on your Del Sol. Maintenance or the installation of (tuning) parts, we have the knowledge and materials to carry out every job professionally.

Do you want to know more about the possibilities with your Honda Del Sol? Contact us, we will be happy to advise you.