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Honda CR-V

The Honda CR-V is the first SUV model from Honda. It came on the market in 1996 and is still available four generations later. Honda initially had doubts about this model and started carefully with one version, the Honda CR-V 2.0 liter.

Honda released the second generation with more confidence. This larger and heavier CR-V is based on the seventh generation Civic. It was voted best "Small SUV" in America. With this confidence, Honda has continued its line of CR-Vs, in 2007 it even became the best-selling car in the US.

Honda CR-V parts

Are you looking for parts for your Honda CR-V? Look no further, at AKR Performance you will find everything you need. All parts in our webshop are extensively tested and meet strict quality requirements. Most are therefore as good as genuine Honda parts, or better.
To maintain your Honda CR-V, to replace wearing parts or to improve your car, you can easily order all parts for your CR-V in our webshop.

Honda CR-V tuning

Tuning is optimizing your car, adjusting it to your own wishes. Tuning is often in the small details. The air filter or replacement filter that makes your CR-V a bit smoother, and that you never have to replace because you can easily clean it during maintenance. Improving the brakes, so that even under heavy load your braking performance remains optimal. Or tuning and styling the interior and exterior of your Honda CR-V, so you really have a unique car. All those small, sometimes invisible, changes to your car are done with tuning parts.

Honda CR-V exhaust

The exhaust under your Honda CR-V is held in place by a variety of supports, rubbers and gaskets. For a leak-free system, without annoying noise, it is important that the exhaust system is properly mounted under the car. In our webshop you will find all necessary mounting material and gaskets to mount your exhaust perfectly under your CR-V.

Replace the original brakes for sport brake discs and pads, with this you will immediately improve the braking performance of your Honda CR-V. These brake discs can better dissipate heat that is released when braking. Brake dust and dirt are also better removed, resulting in a more constant braking performance.

Maintenance of your Honda CR-V

Every car needs regular maintenance, including the Honda CR-V. To get the most out of the quality and reliability of your Honda, good maintenance is essential. This keeps your Honda in top condition and allows you to enjoy the best performance for longer.

AKR Performance has a modern equipped workshop where all common activities can be performed. Experienced mechanics are ready to provide your Honda CR-V with new parts and all maintenance work is carried out professionally.

Do you want more information about the options for your Honda CR-V? Or do you want to make an appointment for maintenance? Contact us, we are happy to help you.