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Honda Concerto 4-Door Sedan

Honda Model Information - Honda Concerto 4 Door Sedan

The Honda Concerto sedan was released in the Netherlands from 1990 to 1994. This luxury middle class was the flagship of Honda. You may see remarkable similarities with the Rover brand. That may be right, the Honda Concerto was jointly developed by Honda and Rover. Released as Concerto 4-door sedan and Concerto 5-door hatchback model, there are still about 3000 on the road in the Netherlands.

Honda Concerto sedan parts

Honda Concerto sedan parts can be found in our webshop. As a Honda specialist, we are always looking for the best parts for your Honda. We therefore only supply high-quality parts at affordable prices. Due to our large stock, we can quickly provide you with the right parts for your Honda Concerto sedan. 

Honda Concerto sedan tuning

As a tuning project, the Honda Concerto sedan would do just fine. This rare car is in any case a unique project. Thanks to the many, often universal, Honda tuning parts in our webshop, you can let your creativity run free. Are you going for subtle tuning in terms of appearance or do you make your Concerto completely optimal technically?

Honda Concerto Sedan exhaust

The exhaust of your Honda Concerto sedan must always be mounted leak-free under your car. Not only for the MOT requirements but also for your own comfort. Exhaust gases in the car are simply not the intention. In our webshop you will find everything you need to perfectly mount the exhaust under your Concerto. Gaskets, flanges and suspension rubbers for your exhaust are available from stock and therefore delivered quickly to your home.

Honda Concerto Sedan improve road holding

In terms of handling, the Hondas have always been ahead of the competition. Improving your road holding even further is of course always good. More grip on the road, when braking and accelerating, and tighter through the curves. Good road holding provides safety and confidence in your car.

Make sure that the chassis of your Honda Concerto sedan is always in top condition. Regular checks show in time when control arm rubbers need to be replaced. A set of lowering springs on your Concerto sedan ensures a more stable road holding and also gives your car a sporty look.

Maintenance of your Honda Concerto sedan

Your Honda Concerto sedan needs regular maintenance. You can perform this maintenance yourself with the parts, fluids and other products in our webshop. Don't have the right tools? You can also easily order that online.

If you prefer to outsource the maintenance to a professional, we have a modern workshop. Experienced technicians are here for you. We professionally carry out the maintenance of your Honda Concerto sedan. Of course you can also contact us for all common work on your Honda.

Would you like more information or make an appointment? Contact us for the possibilities with your Honda Concerto sedan.