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Honda Civic Tourer

Honda Model Information - Civic Tourer

The Honda Civic Tourer is the latest station model, made from 2014. This sporty-looking station, its clean lines, effortlessly combines sporty and economical driving with a lot of space. The Civic Tourer comes with a spirited 1.6 i-DTEC and 1.8 i-VTEC engine. Eco-assist makes economical driving fun.

Clever design has created a great luggage space, even the largest in its class! Whatever your plans, the Honda Civic Tourer gives you all the flexibility you need.

Honda Civic Tourer parts

Civic Tourer parts can be found in the ARK Performance webshop. Maintenance, damage repair or replacement of wear parts, we offer all necessary parts. Our wide range of Honda parts consists of original Honda parts, high-quality aftermarket parts and various tuning brands that offer their improved products.

Whatever parts you are looking for for your Honda Civic Tourer, at AKR Performance you have come to the right place. Our years of experience and passion for the Honda brand has allowed us to grow into the Honda specialist in the Netherlands.

Honda Civic Tourer tuning

Although the Civic Tourer is designed as an economical, spacious station, its sporty side is clearly present. The model and the spirited, yet economical, engine invite you to add tuning parts. Tuning does not mean that you will immediately hit the track with your Tourer tomorrow. Tuning is about improving your car, in all areas. You can therefore also use tuning parts to let the engine do its job more easily. And the easier it can do its job, the more economical it will drive, provided you keep the same driving style, of course. 

Improving the brakes and chassis are also part of tuning. With the right parts you increase the driving pleasure of your Civic Tourer even more.

Honda Civic Tourer exhaust

The exhaust of your Honda Civic Tourer should always hang neatly and leak-free under your car. There is nothing more annoying than a rattling exhaust. You will find all the necessary mounting materials in the AKR Performance webshop. For hanging the exhaust and mounting with the correct gaskets so that a leak-free whole is created.

If you choose to replace the catalytic converter with a cat replacement, we also offer the handy cell fix. With this small exhaust part, the error message of the ECU is solved.  

Honda Civic Tourer exterior and styling

The appearance of the Civic Tourer is beautifully designed, little more to add you would say. But the real enthusiast would like to give his own, unique touch to his Civic. In our webshop we have collected parts for the real Honda enthusiast. Subtle or more striking tuning and styling parts that give your car that little bit extra.

With our car care products, touch-up sticks and car cover your Honda Civic Tourer will always look like new.

Honda Civic Tourer brakes

You have to be able to rely on brakes. The same goes for the brakes of your Civic Tourer. With its gigantic luggage space, a lot of extra weight can be transported. That extra weight can become too much for your original brakes. They get too hot and the braking performance deteriorates considerably. Of course always at a time when it is not convenient. Brakes should always perform optimally, under all conditions.

Replace the original brakes on your Civic Tourer for sport brake discs and brake pads. These improved brake discs are ventilated, allowing them to better dissipate the heat released during braking. In addition, they have been developed in such a way that brake dust is easily removed, so that the braking performance remains optimal. 

Maintenance of your Honda Civic Tourer

Modern cars also need maintenance. We, as a Honda specialist, know exactly what your Honda Civic Tourer needs. Our range consists of the highest quality products and parts to ensure that your Civic Tourer remains as reliable as it already is. With proper maintenance, your car will last much longer and continue to deliver top performance, under all conditions.

We have a modern workshop, equipped with all necessary equipment and tools. Our experienced mechanics are happy to carry out all maintenance and assembly jobs on your Honda Civic Tourer.

Would you like more information about the possibilities with your Civic Tourer? Feel free to contact us, we will be happy to advise you. 

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