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Honda Civic Shuttle

Honda Model Information - Civic Shuttle

The Honda Civic Shuttle is the MPV model, built on the same basis as the Honda Civic. From 1983 this model was delivered with an economical 1.5 engine. From 1987 the next generation Shuttle came on the market, this time with a 1.4, 1.5i and 1.6i engine. Both generations have a 4 wheel drive model. In recent years, the Honda Shuttle of these years has made a sudden comeback in the tuning world. They are quite rare, but some have competed in drag races.

The next generation of Shuttles, from 1995 to 2001, bear little resemblance to its predecessor in appearance. The engines are also of a different caliber, with a 2.2i and 2.3i. The Honda Shuttle was eventually succeeded by the Honda Stream. 

Honda Civic Shuttle parts

Civic Shuttle parts are plentiful. Partly due to its shared basis with the Honda Civic 3 hatchback of the same year. Because of the quality parts that Honda uses to build its cars, you will not need anything quickly. But when the time comes, you will find everything you need in the AKR Performance webshop. We supply high quality imitation, aftermarket parts at competitive prices. But you will also find original Honda and various tuning brands here.

We as Honda enthusiasts know what you are looking for. That is why we only collect the best parts in our online range.

Honda Shuttle tuning

Shuttle tuning, you wouldn't tell when you see it for the first time. Still, the Honda Shuttle is a very nice tuning project. Due to its shared basis with the Honda Civic, and indirectly the Honda Crx, it has excellent road holding and the engines are also more spirited than those of other makes in its class.

It is therefore not surprising that the real tuning enthusiast knows how to turn the Honda Shuttle into a track or drag racer. The wide range of tuning parts in our webshop will help you to tailor your Shuttle completely to your wishes. Suspension, brakes and engine tuning, we have the right tuning parts for every upgrade. 

Do you want to perform a complete Honda engine swap on your Honda Shuttle? With our swap parts you can just as easily hang a B-series engine in your Shuttle. And with a little creativity, the exterior of your Honda Shuttle can also be styled.

Honda Shuttle exhaust

The Honda Shuttle's original exhaust system won't last long when tuning. We offer a wide range of exhaust parts from various tuning brands. With this you can easily put together your ideal exhaust system. Exhaust manifolds in 4-1 or 4-2-1 model, replace the front section of the exhaust. You can choose more power at high revs with the 4-1 model or the 4-2-1 model for more power at low and medium revs.

Behind it comes a cat replacement, test pipe or race catalytic converter followed by an exhaust part of your choice. We offer various universal mufflers with which you can make your custom made exhaust. 

Honda Shuttle improve road holding

Despite the high roof of this MPV, the Shuttle's road holding is unexpectedly good. Of course it can always be better. The various road holding-enhancing parts in our webshop prove this. Strut bars, bars and braces, lowering springs and shock absorber to complete coilovers. But you will also find Honda Shuttle toe arms and better rubbers and bushings for the chassis in our shop.

An optimal chassis can be put together for every application. The best grip for the drag track, tight handling on the track or ultimate driving pleasure on the road. With the suspension parts from AKR Performance, your Shuttle does exactly what you want. 

Honda Shuttle brakes

Brakes are arguably the most important parts of your Honda Shuttle. Good brakes give a familiar feeling. Better brakes are especially important when you start working with tuning parts. The power gained must also be brought to a halt again. On the track, the original brakes won't last long. Fading dramatically decreases braking power. Your Shuttle's brake lines haven't gotten any better over time either.

Replace the original brakes with a set of new, better brake discs, brake pads and stainless steel brake lines all around. You will be amazed at the difference. The increase in braking power, the more direct feel in your brake pedal and the response will grow confidence in your Honda Shuttle's brakes. 

Maintenance of your Honda Shuttle

We are happy to take care of the maintenance of your Honda Shuttle. We have all the necessary tools in our workshop. Experienced mechanics are ready to carry out all common work on your Shuttle. Replacing parts with new, aftermarket parts, tuning your Shuttle or regular maintenance, we carry out every job professionally. 

As a Honda specialist, we have a wide range of parts, the majority of which are available from stock. Do you do the maintenance yourself? Then order all parts and fluids easily and quickly online. Thanks to our large stock, you will have the ordered parts at home the next working day.

Would you like more information about the possibilities for your Honda Shuttle? Feel free to contact us. Thanks to our many years of experience, we can provide you with excellent advice.