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Honda Civic Aerodeck

Honda Model Information - Civic Aerodeck

The Civic Aerodeck is the station model of Honda, made from 1998 to 2001. This model offers all the advantages of the Civic, such as a low weight and therefore favorable in terms of road tax, with the space of a station wagon. The Civic Aerodeck comes with several engines. We know the 1.4i, 1.5i Vtec-e, 1.6i, 1.8 VTI and 2.0i TD. Economical or a bit more spicy? There is a suitable Civic Aerodeck for every user.

Honda Civic Aerodeck parts

Civic Aerodeck parts are plentiful. Various parts are available for this popular model from both original Honda and aftermarket brands. The parts that we offer in our webshop are all of high quality and guarantee the quality and reliability of your Honda Civic Aerodeck. 

Are you looking for parts for maintenance or as a replacement for wear parts? Brakes, brake pads, exhaust parts, engine parts and much more can be easily ordered in our webshop. Due to our large stock, we often ship the same day. So you'll be back on the road in no time with your Civic Aerodeck. 

Honda Civic Aerodeck tuning

Is a Civic Aerodeck not suitable for tuning? Of course it is! It's the little things that do it. Improve road holding in the right places, lowering springs, good shock absorber already make a big difference. Make the engine perform better with a good air intake and exhaust system.

Various tuning brands supply parts for the Civic Aerodeck. All tuning brands in our webshop deliver reliable parts of high quality. Would you like more information about which tuning parts are suitable for your Civic Aerodeck? Feel free to contact us, we are happy to help you.

Honda Civic Aerodeck exhaust

In our shop you can find various exhaust parts that are suitable for your Civic Aerodeck. Replace the original exhaust manifold of your Aerodeck 1.8 VTI for a 4-1 or 4-2-1 model. The 4-1 model gives you more power at high rpm while the 4-2-1 model does this in the mid and low rpm range. 

Fit a cat replacement, test pipe or racing catalytic converter to further optimize the exhaust. Catback exhaust systems are unfortunately not (yet) available for this model. If you still want a sporty sound, choose one of our universal mufflers. With the included silencers you determine the amount of exhaust sound yourself.

Honda Civic Aerodeck improve handling

Good road holding increases confidence in your car and safety. Improve the road holding of your Civic Aerodeck for more grip on the road, both when cornering, braking and accelerating. You can find various road holding-improving parts in our webshop. Mount strut bars at different points on and under the car, they not only look sporty but also strengthen the chassis so that your Civic Aerodeck lies more stable on the road.

Stabilizer bars, springs and shock absorbers, they all ensure that the road holding and thus the driving experience greatly improves. 

Honda Civic Aerodeck brakes

The Civic Aerodeck is ideal for heavily loaded rides. A move, a holiday, the weight increases considerably. The original brakes can then have a hard time, especially on holiday in the mountains. Don't take any chances and improve the brakes of your Civic Aerodeck.

A good set of brake discs and brake pads, fitted with stainless steel brake lines, immediately give a better braking performance. The brake discs are more resistant to high temperatures and will perform well for longer. The brake lines give a more direct and more manageable brake feel in the pedal. Reliable brakes are vital, so choose the best for your Honda Civic Aerodeck. 

Maintenance of your Honda Civic Aerodeck

In our workshop we take care of all maintenance work on your Honda Civic Aerodeck. Skilled and experienced technicians carry out every maintenance service. We use the best quality products. As a Honda specialist in the Netherlands, we know exactly what your Civic Aerodeck needs. You have also come to the right place for the assembly of (tuning) parts. 

Would you like to carry out the maintenance yourself? No problem. In our webshop you will find all the parts, fluids and tools you need to properly maintain your Civic Aerodeck.

For more information or to make an appointment, please do not hesitate to contact us.