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Honda Accord Tourer

The Honda Accord Tourer is the successor to the Accord Aerodeck. This is already the 7th generation Accord, which was introduced in 2003. The Tourer was first delivered with 2.0 and 2.4 liter petrol engines. In 2004, the first 2.2 diesel engine, developed by Honda, was introduced. With the arrival of the diesel engine, the Accord also became interesting for lease and business drivers. Six years after the Aerodeck, a Honda station wagon became available with the Tourer.

The appearance of the Accord Tourer changed with the facelift in 2006. In 2008 the eighth generation Honda Accord was introduced where again a Tourer model became available. The updated, innovative chassis technology gives this car exceptionally good road holding and handling, without sacrificing comfort. Here too there are petrol and diesel variants, which are cleaner and more economical than the 1st generation engines.

Honda Accord Tourer parts

Parts for replacing or improving engine, chassis, interior or exterior parts can be found in the AKR Performance webshop. Are you looking for original Honda, aftermarket or tuning parts for your Honda Accord Tourer? We deliver them all.

The choice is yours, replace the parts of your Accord Tourer for original, aftermarket or improve them with parts from the well-known tuning brands in our shop. Down to the smallest bolts and nuts, we have thought of everything. All parts we supply are from well-known, leading manufacturers who stand for the quality of their parts.

Honda Accord Tourer tuning

Tuning does not immediately mean that you tear through the streets with a lot of noise. Tuning stands for optimizing your car, improving it, with the aim of more driving pleasure. There are many ways to tune your Honda Accord Tourer.

Replacing the original air filter for a replacement filter is a minor intervention that gives just that little bit extra. Improving the exhaust and road holding are next steps that can be taken. And don't forget the brakes. Tuning components help your Accord Tourer to deliver optimum performance, both in terms of engine, handling and braking.

Honda Accord Tourer exhaust

You can improve the exhaust of your Accord Tourer by replacing the original catalytic converter with a cat replacement or racing catalytic converter. These exhaust parts have a better flow so that the engine power comes into its own.

Would you like a sporty exhaust sound? Make your choice from one of our universal mufflers. They immediately give your Accord Tourer a sporty look. You will also find everything you need for the correct and leak-free mounting of your exhaust in our webshop. Bolts, nuts, springs and gaskets. You can order them quickly and easily online.

Honda Accord Tourer improve road holding

The Accord Tourer is equipped with a good chassis, partly due to the use of the latest technologies. And yet the road holding can be further improved. The various chassis and handling parts, supplied by well-known tuning brands, in our webshop will improve the suspension of your Accord Tourer even further.

Sporty, lowered looks and tight steering through bars and braces. All parts for improving your road holding can be found at AKR Performance. Of course we also supply replacement of all original parts, both original Honda and aftermarket brands.

Honda Accord Tourer brakes

Brakes are the most important parts of your Honda. Of course you want to be able to rely on the brakes of your Accord Tourer. With its spacious dimensions, the Tourer is ideal for heavy loads or towing a caravan. The original brakes can then have a hard time.

Replacing the original brake discs and pads on your Honda Accord Tourer will significantly improve braking performance. A reliable braking system contributes to more driving pleasure.

Maintenance of your Honda Accord Tourer

You can do the maintenance of your Honda Accord Tourer yourself or outsource it. If you are going to do it yourself, you will need the right materials, liquids and parts. Of course you can easily order it online from the Honda specialist in the Netherlands, AKR Performance. We know better than anyone what it takes to keep your Accord Tourer in top condition. Thanks to our large stock, we can deliver quickly and ship the parts the same day.

If you do not have the necessary knowledge or tools in-house, our experienced technicians are ready for you. We professionally carry out all jobs, maintenance or assembly of parts, your Honda Accord Tourer is welcome with us.

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