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Honda Accord 2 Door Coupe

The Honda Accord is one of the most reliable on the market. Honda started production of this model in the 1970s. Not all models are delivered in Europe. The models that we do know are, among others, the Honda Accord coupe. The Honda Accord 2 door coupe, made from 1994 to 2003, was released as Accord coupe 2.0i ES/LS and Accord coupe 2.2i ES in the years 1994 to 1997. From 1998 to 2003, Honda released the Accord coupe 2.0i ES/LS and Accord coupe 3.0i V6 off. The Accord is an important model for Honda worldwide. In America, they have been among the best-selling cars for many years.

Honda Accord 2 door coupe parts

Partly due to the reliability of the Honda Accord coupe, the original parts are relatively expensive. You also get value for money because new parts last for years. The aftermarket suppliers respond well to this. Various Honda Accord coupe parts are made by leading suppliers and appear on the market at discounted prices. These parts are intended as a direct replacement for the original parts. They are ideal for replacing parts during maintenance or damage to your Honda Accord coupe.

Honda Accord 2 door coupe tuning

The Honda Accord coupe is not immediately the most favorite tuning object. So do you really want something unique? Then show your creative side and start with Accord coupe tuning. Not many tuning and styling products have been supplied for the exterior of your Accord coupe. Fortunately, you will find all kinds of universal parts in the AKR Performance webshop. Such as universal spoiler and rear wings. If you are very creative with polyester, there may be bumper, side skirts and other styling parts that you can tailor to your Accord coupe.

Honda Accord coupe exhaust

One of the first steps in tuning is to improve the exhaust. The Honda Accord coupe comes with a nice series of engines that are well suited for tuning. The exhaust system contributes to improving engine performance. We supply various exhaust systems for your Honda Accord coupe. Choose from our exhaust manifolds, mid-pipes, rear silencers or complete catback systems. Improve the exhaust for more power and a sporty sound. Of course you will also find all gaskets and mounting materials in our shop.

Honda Accord coupe improve road holding

The road holding and the chassis are generally better at Honda than at an average other car brand. But of course there is always room for improvement. A set of lowering springs not only gives a sporty appearance but also better road holding. Bars and braces make the chassis stronger, making the road holding of your Accord coupe even better.

Honda Accord coupe engine tuning

Honda engines lend themselves extremely well to tuning, as does the Accord coupe. The Honda is generally known for their sporty and responsive engines. This makes it even better when it comes to engine tuning. Replacing the air filter with a replacement filter or complete air intake does not only give you horsepower. These filters can be cleaned again and again and do not have to be replaced with new ones with every maintenance. This saves maintenance costs and is also better for the environment.

Provide your Accord coupe with a light-metal flywheel and lose less power to the drivetrain. This is a very nice tuning product, especially when replacing the clutch for a sports clutch.

Engine tuning for your Accord coupe comes in all shapes and sizes. Take a look around in our webshop and if you have any questions you can always contact us. We are happy to inform you.

Maintenance of your Honda Accord coupe

The maintenance of your Honda Accord coupe is of course extremely important for the performance and preservation of your engine. But we don't have to explain that to you, as a Honda enthusiast. In our webshop you will find everything you need to keep your Accord coupe in top condition.

Do you prefer to outsource maintenance? No problem. Experienced mechanics are available in our workshop to perform maintenance work on your Accord coupe. Of course you can also come here for the assembly of tuning parts.

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