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Honda Swap Components

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Honda Swap Components

Honda Swap components

B-series or K-series engine in your Honda Civic? Of course you can! Honda engine swap components helps you to replace your original engine withe a K-series or B-series engine.

When swapping your motor, you always get to parts that don’t fit because the new engine is not original for your car. Fortunately, we have more and more parts that make it a lot easier swapping your engine. Such there are engine mounts, gearbox brackets, drive shafts, intakes and manifolds specifically  made for your Honda engine swap.

Honda Swap components

If you mount another engine in your Honda, it’s important it fits well and correctly.  Correct swap components will help you. So your Honda is better and faster after the swap.

Depending on how much horsepower you would like to stuck in your Honda, it’s also important looking at other parts. Is your fuel system suitable for the new engine to get maximum horsepower out of your new engine? Is your cooling system sufficient? Still using the original clutch or do you get a sport clutch and lightweight flywheel? Is the original exhaust system able to let through the plus at horsepower? These are things you have to think swapping an engine.

Especially don’t forget adjusting chassis and brake system. Nothing’s so good as a completely well balanced car. 
In our range of swap parts you find:

Brands Honda engine swap components

AKR Performance delivers engine swap parts of several brands, suitable for several Honda models. We only supply high quality parts of famous brands. Our range includes the following brands:

Purchase swap parts online in our web-shop

Buy easely and quick your Honda swap parts online in our web shop. Because our large stock we can supply mostly today or tomorrow. Do you have any questions about components suitable for your Honda? Please contact us.


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