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Honda Ignition system

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Honda Ignition system

Honda Ignition

Honda ignition causes the fuel mixture is ignited at exactly the right time. Do you want to get serious with engine tuning? Then you cannot avoid upgrading your ignition system. These parts provide optimum ignition that significantly improves performance.

Honda Ignition Parts

The Honda ignition consists many parts. Rotor, ignition coil and ignition module covered by the distributor cap. Spark plug wires and spark plugs complete the ignition system of your Honda.

You can improve several ignition parts. Brands such as MSD supplies more powerfully (external) ignition coils and ignition control parts to improve your ignition. The right parts to ensure the engine runs better, also at high rpm. You will enjoy the advantage your car runs regularly, improves acceleration and increases the power. It gives you a great advantage, for example, on the circuit. 

Would you like to tune your car into perfection don't forget to optimize your Honda ignition.

Ignition adjustment

Adjusting the ignition must be done carefully. Incorrect adjustment reduces power but can also cause damage to your engine parts

To adjust the ignition you can twist the distributor, for an earlier or later timing.

The adjustment can be done with a timing light This light flashes when voltage passes through the spark plug wires. Direct the timing light to the mark on your flywheel. Once the flash exactly is in line with the mark on the flywheel the ignition is properly adjusted. 

Brands Ignition Parts

Ignition parts are available from different brands. Most of these ignition parts are easy to mount with knowledge and the right tools. AKR Performance is a supplier of many well-known and reliable brands. In our web shop you will find products of the following brands:

Order your Ignition parts online quick and easy 

All ignition components are easy to order online at the web shop of AKR Performance. All ignition components are easy to order online at the web shop of AKR Performance. We have a large stock of Honda parts. That’s the reason we mostly can deliver today or tomorrow. Do you have any questions about the ignition system or would you like more information? Please contact us.

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