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Honda Fuel system

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Honda Fuel system

Honda Fuel system

The fuel system always ensures the correct supply of the fuel to the engine. Especially in tuned Honda's a perfect fuel system is very important.
Finally the gasoline gives your car power. By tuning your Honda, a weel-functioning fuel system is essential to get that maximum of power.

The fuel system is constantly under pressure. Sometimes you cannot get the right fuel pressure using the original parts. To provide lost of power it is necessary to replace parts of your fuel system. These are crucial points to make your car faster and more powerful. 


Which parts of my Honda fuel system can I improve?

A fuel pump is pumping the fuel out from the fuel tank through the fuel filter and all kinds of hoses en pipes to the engine. Fuel rails and fuel injectors provide the fuel to the engine. A fuel pressure regulator ensures the right fuel pressure. You can read and regulate the pressure using a fuel pressure gauge.

The entire fuel system is controlled by the ECU through various electronic instruments such as the fuel relay. To prevent fuel leakage all components has to be sealed with gaskets.

Brands fuel systems and parts for your Honda

AKR is a supplier of various brands of fuel systems and related components. All parts to improve your fuel system can be found in our shop. We only supply good and reliable brands so you can fully trust your fuel system.
Some of the brands we supply:

Order your Honda fuel-systems parts online.

Order easy and quick Honda fuel system components online at AKR-Performance web-shop, supplier of several brands. Most of these parts are available on stock. That’s the reason we mostly can deliver today or tomorrow. Do you have any questions or do you need more information? Please contact us.

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