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Honda Cooling system

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Honda Cooling system

Honda Cooling System

Honda cooling system protects your car from overheating. Friction in your engine provides high temperatures. Coolant takes very efficient heat and relinquishes it again. Coolant flows through channels in the engine and absorbs the heat. The cooling fluid is cooled again in the radiator. A cold air fan provides cold air trough the radiator. The cooled coolant follows the same path through the cooling system. So your Honda keeps cool.

Too much heat cannot only cause damage to your engine. Engine power will also reduce, as a cooling system is not functioning properly. Therefore it is necessary to keep the engine of your tuned Honda cool with an optimal working cooling system. 

Cooling and Tuning 

Proper cooling is essential if you are going to tune your Honda. The importance of cooling is already evident in the cold air intake. How colder the air comes into the engine the better it is. So it is with the cooling system. Tuning your engine causes more heat production. Probably you will run more rpm and mount a larger exhaust. All factors for generating more heat.

Honda Cooling system parts

The cooling system consists of components such as radiators, radiator caps, thermostats, gaskets, sensors, water pumps, radiator hoses and other accessories. Each component is important in order to achieve the optimal temperatures and a good functioning cooling system of your Honda. 

Brands cooling system parts

In tuning and styling world, AKR Performance is a supplier of famous brands. We supply cooling system parts of following brands: 

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Take a look at our web shop to see all cooling system components for you Honda. Because of our large stock we can deliver quickly. Do you have any questions or do you need more information? Please do not hesitate to contact us. 


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