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Honda Air intake system

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Honda Air intake system

The air intake system of your Honda consists a several components. It is important your Honda is equipped with an optimal operating air intake system. A perfect intake system provides more power. 

Pure outdoor air is sucked in through the air intake. A fully functioning air intake gives your car more power and ensures proper airflow. In short, a great asset to your Honda. 

Honda Air intake parts

In addition to intakes we sell more parts for the air intake. AKR Performance is the right choice to purchase following air inlet system parts:  All parts for the air inlet are supplied including mounting material. The description shows the kind of material the component is created. 

Your engine runs on a mixture of air and fuel. Always check whether the fuel system relies sufficient to maintain a good mix. While driving you can keep an eye on it with an air / fuel gauge

Brands air intake

Air intake parts are made by various brands. AKR Performance delivers several well-known and reliable brands for your Honda. Depending on your Honda model, you can find parts of the following brands at our shop: 

Order your Honda air inlet parts in our webshop

Order all your Honda air intake system parts easily online. AKR Performance always has an extensive amounts of air intake systems in stock and mostly delivers today or tomorrow! 
Do you have questions about these or other Honda tuning parts? Do you have questions about these or other Honda tuning parts? Please feel free to contact us; we’d like to inform you.

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