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!! Tanabe is called "Revel" these days!!


Tanabe exhausts are the number 1 in Japan. Tanabe has been developing top quality performance products for Honda and other brands since 1982. Tanabe prides itself on their top quality engineering. Only the best quality materials are used in the development of their exhausts and designs are fine-tuned to perfection. Every product is track tested and only the best performing parts are good enough for a place in the Tanabe range.

Tanabe Catback exhaust

The Tanabe Catback Medalion Touring exhaust is known as the “Gentleman’s exhaust”. This exhaust is very efficient at giving more power without the increase in noise. Silent, yet a deep, dark and tasteful exhaust sound.

Very suitable for Honda drivers who use their car daily and who like a sporty sound. But want to have a normal conversation in the car without being bothered by the exhaust noise.

The weight is also a point of attention for Tanabe. This exhaust system is made of special exhaust pipe and lightweight flanges to limit the weight as much as possible.

Each Tanabe catback exhaust is designed to be mounted directly to your Honda without modification. Of course, all necessary mounting material is included.

High quality stainless steel, high ground clearance, top quality flanges and immediately ready for your Honda. With Tanabe you provide your Honda with a top quality exhaust.

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