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* What type of fuels are your injectors suitable for?
Our injectors are suitable for gasoline as well as leaded race gas. Alcohol/methanol is extremely corrosive and should only be used for race only applications where the user can drain the alcohol/methanol and “pickle” the entire fuel system with gasoline at the end of each day.

* Do I need high or low resistance injectors for my application?
Injectors are classified into two categories.
1. High impedance/resistance (Saturated) 12-16 Ohms.
2. Low impedance/resistance (Peak & Hold) 0.5-6 Ohms.
Saturated injectors require roughly 1-1.5 amps to open the injector. Peak & Hold injectors initially needs about 4-6 amps, and once open drops to roughly 2-3 amps to keep it open.
ECU design will dictate the use of one or the other.

* All Honda models from 1992 use standard Saturated injectors except the Prelude from 1992-1997, this model use like all other models before 1992 Peak & Hold injectors.
* You can use Peak & Hold injectors in a newer car, but then you have to install a resistor box. Large injectors are always Peak & Hold.
* And of course it is possible to use Saturated injectors in a older type but then you have to remove the resistor box.

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