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HPT AutoSport has been active in the automotive industry for more than 20 years. This American motorsport brand has developed a number of useful tools with their years of experience. And if there is a handy tool on the market that makes your life a little easier. Then we are happy to offer these at AKR Performance.

HPT valve spring compressor

It is CNC machined from T6061 aluminum, anodized in a black coating and laser engraved. This tool makes it easy to replace valve seals, valves, springs and retainers. You can even use this tool with the head on the block.

The tool is attached to the head with 2 short bolts. Once the tool is attached to the head, place a retaining cap (supplied with kit) on the retainer(s) you wish to replace, then tighten a bolt that presses onto the retainer for easy access to the retainers. remove. Then simply loosen the bolt and remove the retaining cap to remove the spring(s). Can be used with the head on the block.

HPT Lower Timing Chain Bracket/Guide

The purpose of the HPTautosport lower timing chain bracket/guide is to secure the timing chain while releasing tension when changing cams or other headgear.

The HPT timing chain guide ensures that your K Series engine will never skip the crankshaft sprocket timing in the event of a timing chain tensioner failure.

  • 6061 aluminum alloy
  • -CNC precision machined

HPT Camshaft Locking Tool

Honda/Acura B16/B18 Cam Gear Lock timing belt installation tool now with modified hole to remove plastic cover. This precision tool makes replacing or adjusting your new timing belt as easy as 1,2,3. It is designed for Honda/Acura B16a & B18c Variants. Simply place the Cam Gear Lock Tool in the middle between the two Cam Gears and you can set up your new timing belt with no problem. This tool has a small window in the center, so you can check the timing marks on the Cam Gear, which makes the installation 0% not fail. It is made of aluminum 6061 TC aircraft material anodized.

HPT Weld flange inlet air temperature

Aluminum flange (CNC-machined). Allows you to move the factory Honda/Acura IAT (Intake Air Temperature) sensor to a charge line or intake.

In the factory configuration, it is a known fact that aluminum intake manifolds can become soggy, incorrectly giving the ECU a higher air temperature reading. In a standard engine/ECU setup this is not a problem, but adding a turbocharger, supercharger or other aftermarket bolts can cause problems. Ideal placement of the IAT sensor would be just in front of the throttle body on the intake lines or charge lines.

Some OBD2 Honda/Acuras also come with the air temperature sensor in the intake lines, and in a forced induction configuration you will need to find a safe way to mount the IAT on the charge line/inlet so it doesn't blow out under boost.</p >

Another application that these can be used with is some JDM intake manifolds that do not have a flange on the intake manifold to mount the factory IAT sensor. In this situation you can add this flange to the inlet.


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