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EBC Brakes

EBC Brakes

EBC supplies brakes for various car brands. Brake pads, brake discs and brake fluid are therefore widely available in the range. All EBC brake parts are made of high quality materials and subject to extensive quality controls. Are you a sporty Honda rider? Then your brakes will not remain standard for long. You have a wide choice in the wide range of EBC brakes in the AKR Performance webshop. There is a suitable brake disc or brake pad for every application. 

EBC brake discs

EBC brake discs are precision machined and made from a high quality iron and copper alloy. They are cast with perfect material strength and strictly controlled surface hardness with minimal variation. In order to counteract oscillations and vibrations during braking. EBC supplies their brake discs in the following 4 series:

D Series - replacement of original

EBC D series brake discs are comparable to the OEM quality brake discs. Of course, these brake discs are made of quality material as you are used to from EBC.

GD Series - for sporty street use

EBC GD series brake discs are identified by wide crescent-shaped grooves. These grooves, due to their unique shape, provide a supply of cool air to the brake pads. This lowers the brake temperature, so that an optimal braking result is maintained for longer. The gases, dirt and dust that are released during braking are also removed in this way. Grooved discs have less risk of disc cracks, which is more common with fully perforated discs.

USR Series

EBC USR series brake discs have small straight grooves. This makes this series of brake discs extremely quiet. Where other grooved brake discs can produce more noise, the USR brake discs from EBC have a unique design. The many narrow grooves and the progressive groove angle ensure a quiet sport brake disc.  
A big advantage of this design is that there is even and parallel wear. This is in contrast to perforated brake discs where raised edges can arise.

BSD Series

EBC BSD series brake discs are the latest addition to the range. These so-called blade discs are made of ‘high carbon’ steel. This material is more thermally stable than normal cast steel. In addition, it dampens vibrations, resulting in fewer vibrations and braking noises. Heat is dissipated better, so that the disc has less chance of warping. The BSD brake discs have a V-groove. This design ensures the fastest removal of brake dust and water from the "hot spot", middle part of the brake disc. Once the groove has worn away, it's time to replace the brake discs.

EBC Brake Pads

EBC Ultimax / Blackstuff – To replace original

EBC Ultimax / Blackstuff brake pads are designed for general purpose use. This so-called “High Friction” blocks are applicable to different vehicles and similar to the original brake pads. A positive feature of these EBC brake pads is the ability to prevent vibration during braking. An equivalent amount of brake dust is produced compared to the original blocks. But the brake discs wear up to 50% less thanks to the special composition of the brake pads (compound). 

EBC Greenstuff - for sporty Honda drivers

EBC Greenstuff brake pads are designed for sporty street use. Extremely suitable for sporty Honda's up to 1000kg / 200 hp. EBC Greenstuff also brakes well when the brakes are still cold, giving confidence from the first braking action.
These brake pads feature a ‘Brake-In’ layer so that the wear of the brake pads on the brake discs will go faster. As a result, an optimal braking result is achieved sooner after mounting the Greenstuff brake pads. 

EBC Redstuff Ceramic - for tuned Honda's

EBC Redstuff brake pads are especially for Honda's above 1000 kg / 200 hp. The “Superstreet" formula is designed for drivers with a sporty driving style.
The kevlar fibers and ceramic particles from which these blocks are made have a long service life and braking is better and quieter.

At a speed of 160 km/h, tests have shown that cars with EBC Redstuff brake pads stop 13 meters earlier than those with original pads.
These brake pads also feature a ‘Brake-In’ low and the brake dust production is about 50% less than original brake pads.

EBC Yellowstuff - for heavy duty and racing use

EBC Yellowstuff brake pads are next to the street also perfectly suitable for racing and rally applications.  The Yellowstuff has a good ‘bite’ at low temperature.
So hot braking is not necessary.

The Yellowstuff brake pads are designed for Honda's above 1250 kg / 200 hp.
The brake dust production is equivalent to original pads, which is quite exceptional for a sporty block.  

EBC Bluestuff – for the track

EBC Bluestuff are brake pads especially for track use. These blocks have been developed in such a way that they are already braked in after a few braking actions and are ready for racing. Even at higher temperatures, the Bluestuff brake pads remain well-adjustable.
The EBC Bluestuff brake pads require little warm-up time and are not aggressive for the brake discs .

EBC Orange stuff – for heavy track use

EBC Orangestuff are the heaviest of the EBC brake line. The semi-metallic composition provides an aggressive block suitable for track use in a variety of applications. Due to the warm-up time, these brake pads are not suitable for street use or drag racing.

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