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ASR comes from a humble background that began making the first subframe braces out of a garage. It all began with running a big bar (EK9) on a stock civic ek subframe to nobodys suprise today tore the subframe frome its welds. This led to the first subframe brace to be tested on Charlestons 2000 Honda Civic EX Sedan. Many individuals saw the use of this product and it slowly became an essential upgrade on the Honda Civic chassis to where Charleston had to begin his business A-Spec Racing.

ASR is located in the USA and for a number of years they design and produces Honda Chassis parts. ASR uses the latest CAD software, CNC machine techniques and is testing extensively on street and circuits to develop high quality bolt-on performance products (Subframe's and sway-bars) for the demanding Street and track user. The number 1 choice of serious enthusiasts and race teams worldwide.

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