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What will the Minion do in 2018? A preview of the new racing season!

Of course we are all curious how the Minion will appear on the track this year. And very curious what kind of times he will put down!

Will the Minion achieve the coveted 8 seconds this year?

New set-up for the Minion

When your engine breaks down, that is a great time to thoroughly tackle the entire set-up again. And that is exactly what has been done. Because top performance has to be achieved, the advice of various professionals has been obtained. In consultation with Andy, it was decided that a short block had to be shipped from America. It is a SFWD engine that is good for 1500 hp, the Minion must be able to get along with it, right?

The engine will be put together by Andy. The 4 Piston Racing head is used, which was already purchased last year. There will be new camshafts of Web Cam. They followed the specifications that the American builder Ramey, of Rameybuild, indicates.

"Learn from the best .." certainly applies here. Ramy Build has had a world record of 7.95 for a while!

The turbo has also been replaced for a larger version, from a 6870 to a 7685. This turbo can run the power more easily and also should deliver more power.

Less weight for more speed

Not only the engine is being tackled thoroughly, the rest of the car is also further optimized. The weight is further reduced by mounting a lightweight subframe and various lightweight toe arms on the chassis. The windshield is also replaced by a lexane windshield and the doors are made of polyester to reduce a lot of weight. The headlights are replaced with carbon cover caps.

Attention is paid on every detail at The Minion.

To make a Civic deliver so many horsepower, attention must be paid to every detail. Everything has to work together optimally. That is why only the best parts are used. And if something is not delivered to size, it is custom made. The custom work is also performed again this time by Xander from GWS Performance. He will provide the intercooler with new piping and carry out various adjustments.

A new intake and gas valve from Pro-Jay has been chosen, a complete billet intake with 8 injectors at the top for easy access, for cleaning.
The water pump is replaced by an electric water pump and there will be a new drag racing radiator from Speed Factory. The new 3 filter catch can system is also coming from Speedfactory.

Do you want to know what the Minion will do on the track in 2018?

As you can see, the Minion team is not sitting back! We expect a lot of spectacle on the drag track this year.
We have given a preview of what you can expect from the Minion. Of course not everything is revealed and more things will be changed to make this Honda Civic a real contender for the top FWD cars in Europe.
Either way, you want to see the Minion on the track this year !! We can not wait ...

Published 9 February 2018

  • The Minion
  • AKR Racing Team

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