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Fastest Honda Civic B16 of The Netherlands

You don’t get the fastest Honda B16 engine on the track, just like that. There was serious building needed, to make this happen. A look behind the scenes of Johan Rijs ...

Semi build B16A2

This Honda Civic hatchback is equipped with a semi build, blueprinted B16A2 gen1 engine. Except for the sleeves, the entire block has been tackled. The oil circuit has been upgrated to maintain optimal lubrication and prevent excessive wear.
Various engine parts are replaced with quality components from brands like Wiseco, Supertech, Eagle, Ferrea, Cometic and ARP. There are also several OEM Honda parts used by the B18C engine. Everything for the highest performance.

The engine is equipped with Edelbrock Victor X intake manifold, Skunk2 adjustable camgears and Skunk2 pro series 68 mm throttle valve. In order to keep the oil in position under extreme conditions there has been mounted a Moroso oil pan.
The gearbox is fitted with a Exedy hyper compe-R series twin disc. Combined with a good set of drag slicks this coupling helps to get the extreme power effectively on the road.

Honda Civic B16 Turbo build

Without turbo you won’t get 600 hp out of a Honda Civic. Because of that, there’s choosen for a 6262 Precision ball bearing turbo setup. The turbocharger was combined with a Sheepey built ramhorn manifold, 2.5” V-band screamerpipe, 3.5” V-band uppipe and Precision PW 46 mm wastegate. Naturally, the setup is provided with a serious intercooler which keeps everything in an optimal temperature.

There is a lot involved in a project like this. Fortunately Johan Rijs can count on his sponsors. AKR Performance supplies performance parts. GWS Performance took care of the welding of the tank in the front bumper and reduces the weight of the car. And the settings of the engine is controlled by Andy from Sneaky Tuning.

What drives such rapid Honda Civic B16 Turbo?

Power comes from the fuel. The better the fuel, the more power the engine can make. Sounds simple, but there is a lot involved.
Big 2200cc injectors ensure the flow of fuel into the engine. The fuel system gets a big upgrade for this season. There will be a fuel tank in the front bumper, from which two 300 gallon pumps will provide the fuel.
In the tank there’s no ordinary fuel from the fuel pump. With this setup E85R is used. E85R is special racing fuel with high ethanol content. Fuels with a high alcohol content deliver more power, have excellent cooling properties and a high octane. With proper adjustment engines this fuel can make serious top performance.

Johan Rijs on track

You definately want to see Johan Rijs its Honda Civic hatchback on the track. Next season you get a lot of opportunity for it. The plans are to drive all races of the ESLA events in the SL class. And on the DHRA events he will be driving the SE class.

In race season 2016 Johan Rijs has put down a time of 10:54 with 220 kilometers per hour on the ¼ mile. After a winter with several modifications and upgrades the expectations are high. What times will this super fast Honda Civic Turbo B16 drop?
We will inform you of his performances in our blogs. Let the racing season begin!

Published 17 February 2017

  • AKR Racing Team

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