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Rallycross, a completely different branch of sport

Raf Maes is a rally driver in the Belgian rallycross with his Honda Civic. He drives in the A class of the VAS Regional Championship, which is driven on two circuits in Belgium:

  • Glosso Cicruit in Arendonk and
  • Duivelsberg circuit in Maasmechelen

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Looking back on the record breaking year of The Minion!

The time flew by so fast this year. And what a year it has been … The cars on the track were unstoppable, and in particular the Minion! The bloody fast Civic, who broke record after record with Michael Holleman and his team.

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The Minion breaks its own European record!

It is unbelievable, just a month ago the Minion set the new European record with a time of 8.40 seconds. He became the fastest front-wheel drive car in Europe. The weekend of May 19 and 20, 2018, the Minion rode again at Santa Pod Raceway in England. This time at the Doorslammers event.

And there he just sets a European record again!

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The Minion, the 'Europe’s Fastest FWD'!

What incredibly cool, last weekend the Minion has set a new European record, at Santa Pod Raceway. And with that, he won the title 'Europe’s Fastest Front Wheel Drive’ !!

Michael Holleman had predicted it before, and here is the victory! Now try to keep the title …

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Saying goodbye to a bloody-fast Honda Civic ...

We are going to say goodbye to the "fastest Honda Civic B16 in the Netherlands". Johan Rijs stops with his racing hobby and will no longer be seen with his Honda Civic on the drag track. Of course we feel very sorry. But we especially want to thank him for the cool races he has let us enjoy. Johan, we will miss you in the AKR Raceteam!

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Sonic Civic racing season 2018

Rohit is completely ready to break records this racing season with his Sonic Civic. His EM1 Honda Civic with B20 DART engine gets some minor upgrades. At Santa Pod Raceway in England, this impressive Civic has set a time of 9.92 seconds. Will he break his time this year?

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What will the Minion do in 2018? A preview of the new racing season!

The racing season of 2017 was unfortunately not a success for the Minion. When the engine broke during the Santa Pod race, it meant the end of the season. But of course the team of the Minion don't give up. A completely new set-up has been devised, in consultation with various specialists in racing and engine build.

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Racing season ending Gino de Jong

Gino de Jong gave this racing season everything with his Brown Booster. Together with his sponsors and friends on the track, he has made it a great racing season. Gino finished the season with Weekend of Champions at Drachten. Maybe not quite what he had hoped for but a very nice ending to the season.

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Wonderful racing season for Winesh Akloe

One pr after the other, this year for Winesh. And what do you want with a Honda Integra with 802 hp! All hard work was rewarded because Winesh finishes this racing season at Drachten with a long-awaited 9 second time! This puts Winesh in the top 10 fastest front-wheel drive cars in the Netherlands, an achievement to be proud of!

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Brown Booster in the top 10!

Gino de Jong shows this race season what he’s capable of with his Brown Boosters. At various events, at home and abroad, the performance of this 10 second Civic was to be seen. And the long struggle was rewarded. Finally, he is in the top 10 of the FWD classes with his B18 turbo, stock sleeves.

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Nice season-ending for Rico de Jong!

The weekend of September 24 was dominated by JapFest, on the TT circuit of Assen. Here the last rounds of the Dutch Time Attack were driven. Both Dutch and German riders appeared at the start to drive the Time Attack finals.

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Is the fastest Civic B16A of the Netherlands still the fastest?

Like all other drag racers Johan Rijs has been busy this year. A number of upgrades have been implemented to make his Honda Civic hatchback faster. Unfortunately, Johan had bad luck this race season.

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New driver in the AKR team, Sonic Civic!

This year we have welcomed a new rider in our AKR Drag Racing team. Rohit Baldew with his special Sonic Civic.

This unique Honda Civic will make his debut as 'Sonic' at Hondafest, September 10th. The name ‘Sonic’ is perhaps unknown to the general public. This unique Honda Civic will make his debut as 'Sonic' at Hondafest, September 10th.

But Rohit Baldew is not a newcomer in the race world. And neither is his Civic Coupe, he's even the only Coupe in the Dutch Top 10 FWD.

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BoostLee sets new records!

After a good preparation at the beginning of this year Winesh with BoostLee was ready. Immediately at the first event he already set a new personal record. And that was not all. A number of beautiful PB’s were achieved this year.
BoostLee appeared in the Top 10 fastest FWD cars again and became first in the X-Class on Santa Pod Raceway during JapShow. Will Winish get in the 9 seconds list with his Integra Type R Turbo?

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ED Raket, the fastest B16 Turbo, semi-build of the Netherlands

This year we may welcome 'ED Raket' in the AKR race team. In this first blog about Sagar and his Civic Ed, you read about the remarkable story of his Honda who literally came out of the fire. And after long and hard work, he can call himself the fastest B16 Turbo Semi build in the Netherlands!

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Time Attack Honda Civic, OEM Style

Even before he had his driver's license, Rico de Jong already knew he wanted a Honda Civic EG. Once in the Honda scene, he spotted the Civic VTI EG6, which was his dream car.
And soon he was in possession of the Civic EG6. Original Dutch and totally OEM. But 'just' OEM is not OEM enough for Rico.

"At Rico's Civic you'll find more original stuff than at the local Honda dealer ..."

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Where was The Minion this season?

At the beginning of this year, The Minion team was still full of enthusiasm. There was still a lot of work to be done but they couldn’t wait for the first race! Unfortunately, it turned out differently than planned. Due to various problems, the Minion appeared only once this year. We are committed to next year, where the hunt for the 8 seconds continues!!

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Fastest Honda Civic B16 of The Netherlands

Johan Rijs, with its 600 hp Honda Civic Hatchback, can be seen regularly on the track in the SL and SE class. The clean exterior of his Civic betrays little of the technique under the hood. A semi build, thightly tuned B16 engine, weight saving and always looking for optimum grip. The results are impressive, since 2015 he has the fastest B16 engine in The Netherlands. And the second fastest 1.6 in Europe!

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10 seconds Honda Integra Type R

Winesh Akloe, also known as Boostlee, is the owner and driver of one of the fastest Honda Integra’s of the Netherlands. This 10 seconds Integra Type R has become over the years a familiar appearance on the drag racing track. For Winesh drag racing is his passion and lifestyle. All efforts of last season were rewarded with a 2nd place in the Championship ESLA 2016 ASL class.

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Brown Booster, the 10 seconds Honda Civic

Like many great projects also began the project of Gino de Jong with a completely original Honda Civic hatchback. 4 years ago, a Miami green Civic with standard 1.5 engine. A lot of modifications and improvements later, he is there, Brown Booster. A 10 second Honda Civic!

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"The Minion" sneak preview for the 2017 season

Even in the winter, the team of “The Minion” has a lot of work to do, to prepare “The Minion” for the 2017 season. The entire team and the sponsors do their utmost to get “The Minion” in top condition. Faster, stronger, invincible……?

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'The Minion' on Dutch TV in "From Passion to Dreamjob"!

This episode is about Brian, who dreams of a job in the Autosport.

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The SEMA Show Las Vegas

The SEMA Show in Las Vegas is one of the most prestigious fairs, when it comes to car tuning. You name it, and it is there. Insanely huge wheels, the most bizarre tuning parts, everything is possible! All major tuning brands come together at the SEMA Show in Las Vegas. 

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'The Minion' @ Santa Pod Raceway

Santa Pod Raceway is the home of the European FIA Drag Racing, the fastest and hardest motor sport in the world. This is obviously the place to be for the fastest Civic of Netherlands. And that's where you could see ´The Minion´ during the weekend of 1st and 2nd of October 2016.

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Fastest Civic in The Netherlands! 'The Minion' breaks record after record

Like it's nothing, 'The Minion' breaks record after record. But what else did you expect from a Honda Civic with 1100 hp? Built by top Honda tuner Sneaky Tuning and equipped with quality tuning parts of AKR Performance, it can only go FAST.


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The first racing weekend of The Minion!

Last weekend Michael Holleman was on track for the first time with The Minion at DHRA Dragracing Internationals Drachten. Friday night after a rainy day he made two runs. The first run was quite bad. The second run was the best run of the weekend, with these results:

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"The Minion" makes its debut

The Minion will make his debut this weekend on DHRA Drag Racing Drachten Internationals. In recent months it was hard working to make the car come close to the fastest Honda's of the Netherlands.

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DelSol/S2000 Club Holland

Today we welcomed the DelSol/S2000 Club Holland! Catched up with some old friends and met some new club members. With a snack and a drink and terrific weather, it was a successful meeting!

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Enjoy the experience at HondaFest 2016!

Over 2.000 Honda's at the biggest Honda Event of Europe! May 22nd, Trafficport Venlo is the place to be, for all Honda lovers.

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"The Minion", powered by AKR Performance!!

“The Minion” from Michael Holleman is currently being build in cooperation with the best of The Netherlands, Sneaky Tuning, for the upcoming drag race season 2016. Will he finish in the ranks of the fastest Hondas of The Netherlands? A great sponsorproject!

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